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this is my 2nd entry , its a short film that i put a lot of work into, tell me what you guys think



nice animation made me chuckle 2

Needed more to it.

It was a nice idea for a movie to list everything that shows that your a Newgrounds addict by pointing them out in a picture of a guy on a computer that you drew, but there just wasn't enough to it, you only used three things, you should have used a lot more as three just didn't cut it, you also needed to use ones that were funnier as the ones you used were just too standard and there wasn't anything special or that funny about them.

Peace Out, Afro Stud



these are all the symptoms of me even though my profile doesnt say it because i lost my last screen name i have to say for 5 years ive been an addict please help me. lol i need more now im off to feast upon many a submision good day

THe idea was intresting BUt you could have tried

This was a good caption of what i look like on my P.C. but you could have tried a little harder man, cmon

Good for a 50 kb movie...

Hmmm... this is not bad, good graphics, and also gives you a warning. A quite good idea, with that drool and the trash the guy never cleans up, funny, to bad it's a little to short.

+Points: Kb, Graphics, also brings a small message with it.
-Points: To small.

Reccomend looking grate: B-

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2.21 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2000
6:43 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody