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Star Wars: The Rebels

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Before there were war-machines, genetically created warriors or supernatural samurai the fate of the universe rested upon a different breed of hero. They had no special powers, and most barely had any military training. They were few in number and had only make-shift weapons yet they were willing to stand up against the greatest force in the galaxy to protect their liberty. They were Rebels...

Perhaps my most complex film to-date, this film stands as a tribute to the true heroes of the SW universe. Please vote fairly based on skill & technique and not your views on Star Wars. Comments are always appreciated!

* Thanks all for Daily First! PS.. a 'little' SW knowledge helps. If you haven't seen movies 4-6, shame on you =) Also, please note: THIS IS NOT A COMMENTARY ON IRAQ. Do not confuse Rebels with Terrorist Insurgents. Think American Revolution 1770's


Now, this is bullcrap

Ok, I give a 2, but only for the graphics, sound=crappy, "story".........
Come on dude You don't know alot do you? (btw this is a review not based upon my opinion of SW, since I do like SW). Putting that aside: the notion of rebel/terrorist is the same, only depends on if you are on the winning side or not, if the american revolution would have failed, the failures would have been considered as terrorists. Because the BASIQUELY the belief of terrorist/rebel are very often the same meaning:freedom or liberty. "There is no good or bad, just different point of vues" in history that is a very, very important quote to note upon. Second(good things these idiots all die in the movie) there is a huge amount of difference between untrained and trained soldiers and rebels(who base themselve upon their experience). And if you know your SW well you would know that the so called rebels based upon quality of the individuality and not qualty of the number. so the "unsurmountabel odds" are not that insurmountable when you assess correctly your ressources and strategies at hand. In movies one sees often untrained people be killed without a chance, it is the same in real life, between trained and untrained is a immense gap, believe me. (btw don't proclaim that the unites-state army is trained, because it is not, compared to others).

So, in the end, except for ok graphics, rest is crap, don'T say shit and think about it twice...not five times before saying obscenities. Thank you and hope to see improvement in the future.

............it was ok.....

ya see, the thing is, if you look really closely in the security hologram in the jedi temple, you will see shak tee (spelling probably wrong) getting killed by anakin, so, that was wrong, plus the slave one was a rebel in different colours, and it was custom made for jango fett, so that was wrong too, and also, who the hell had the millenium falcon, even though before han solo had it it belonged to lando, also the rebels wouldnt have formed so quickly, that was too off the point for me, plus at the ending i thought it was the beginning and sat through the credits. And by the way, you know the rebels arent real right????ya kinda scared me!!!!


Can't say I was impressed. The voice acting wasn't that great, and the whole thing is just a big anti climax. I'm waiting for some kick butt action.....and I get a memorial? Not what I was expecting.

I hated it.

I hated it. The movie had nearly no plot, Shaak Ti has been dead since Ep.3, The ending part was so cheesy, I hated it.


Please, grammar errors in a flash movie are just not acceptible, also the offical Star Wars music at the beginning would have paid more tribute to the francise that you are copying from.

CirrusEpix responds:

What was spelled wrong? I did use a lot of conjunctions, but that is how the actors spoke.

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4.16 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2007
5:05 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody