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Star Wars: The Rebels

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Before there were war-machines, genetically created warriors or supernatural samurai the fate of the universe rested upon a different breed of hero. They had no special powers, and most barely had any military training. They were few in number and had only make-shift weapons yet they were willing to stand up against the greatest force in the galaxy to protect their liberty. They were Rebels...

Perhaps my most complex film to-date, this film stands as a tribute to the true heroes of the SW universe. Please vote fairly based on skill & technique and not your views on Star Wars. Comments are always appreciated!

* Thanks all for Daily First! PS.. a 'little' SW knowledge helps. If you haven't seen movies 4-6, shame on you =) Also, please note: THIS IS NOT A COMMENTARY ON IRAQ. Do not confuse Rebels with Terrorist Insurgents. Think American Revolution 1770's


this was done very well

extremely well done.....


Respect. -_-
the rebels do rock. Nice animation too.

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"She's coming with us.. With ALL of us."

Firstly, I want to thank you for this very muchly awesome film, and note that while the clones were cloned, they were not enchanced in any way - exept for the added ability to follow orders. To obey. Instead, they were cloned from the genes of a masterful warrior (yeah, Jango Fett was a masterful warrior - being able to 'defeat' Obi-Wan Kenobi is solid proof of that.)

Secondly, why do people always make things more complicated than they are? "Rebels... Being tributed.. I GUESS IT MEANS THAT THIS GUY LIKES TERRORISTS!" WHAT THE FUCK? This is a flash tribute. To a fictional rebel group fighting in space. What does it have to do with Iraq? (And, respectively quoting the author's own words, "Iraq was not the first war, nor will it be the last one" (not precisely so, but anyways..))

And then I again wish to thank you.

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nice smooth animation even though its simply though I do think that it should have been more of a losing battle that the rebels fought and sustained heavy losses like on Iwo Jima were the marines were seriously outnembered and out gunned though they sustained heavy losses the fought on and finally took the island. This I am soory to say should have been more of a story driven movie not a memorbillia to the rebels

but it was great


This flash film perfectly captures the feel of the Star Wars fims in a way that no other has. It had the dirty ships and more normal people instead of the lightsaber flashy stuff and that's what I liked about it. This feels more like the original trilogy than any other flash movie I've ever seen about Star Wars. Bravo! My hat is off to you, sir.

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4.16 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2007
5:05 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody