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IT IS A HIGHSCORE GAME, try to get as much score as possible. That's what it's all about.

This is a game inspired by Snake and Marvin Spectrum and is about you controlling a Hebi and hunt for apples, because you'll need apples in order to protect yourself from the falling spikeballs, and those are the ones you'll get score from too.

You use only the left and right arrow to move your Hebi and you do it by doing a crawling movement with the Hebi. It's hard but once you get the idea, it's really easy. Your only other controls are the numbers 1, 2 and 3 to change color and the mouse to click on the "buy hearts"-buttons.



I <3 this game, so addictive. I dont think theres anything wrong with it but i have one question... If you quickly tap right and left again and again, is the guy meant to go REALLY fast because that happens to me lol... keep up the good work

rrx88 responds:

Yes, it's meant to be like that. But the faster you go, the harder it is to turn so don't go too fast :P


Ite really repetitive but its still a pretty good game

Interesting concept.

Well I definatley give you points for making somthing orginal. The creativity of this game's idea is marvolous. Not only that, but you made the graphics look very well too, the slug, if you will looked really neat in all colors, and combined with the white background it really ended up fitting in with the rest of the submission. The high scores are also the added thing this game needs, but even with that I still dont feel like going out and really getting a highscore with this game, maybe its because of how slow it really starts you should maybe fix it so it goes quicker. Anyway very good game, nice job.

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oh no

I am not sure if I missed something but for very very long I could collect any spikes of any color with any color without loosing lifes.

But anyways, that´s no big problem. The problem with the game is that it gets boring pretty fast. And that is because of the random level design and no time counter. This style of gameplay would be great for a speed run game. But for a speed run the levels are not allowed to be random. This problem have a lot of flash games on newgrounds. They are random. That´s bad game design. In every level there should be a certain number of time and a certain number of orbs things to collect arranged in certain positions so the crawlingtechnique can be used on purpose. Maybe you should also add obstacles to more difficult levels or bombs or something. Anyway, right now it feels like a waste of time because of the awful randomness... Played it until level 32 or something, but already on level 10 it was a pain because it´s always the same.

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rrx88 responds:

You didn't read the help either then I guess. You can pick any spikeball without loosing a life. The idea of the game is that you collect as many "apples" as possible until the time that the spikeballs gets overwhelming. And then you try to stay alive as long as possible while getting scores. That's why there's a highscoresystem.

really great game

i could not be happier with this game....10 and 5

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3.67 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2007
3:20 AM EDT
Skill - Collect