Galactic Mediator

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The Wiggies of different planets do not like each other - and they need YOU to help them out! Solve their problems and learn about life values in this original quiz/exploration game!

This game is slightly intensive - it is recommended to CLOSE ALL other browser TABS and WINDOWS before starting the game! In addition, please keep in mind that this game was designed for kids.

Yes, this is another Wiggi World entry - sorry! :( At least they're not all rhythm games, as was the case in a previous contest that I seem to remember. The target audience for this game is approximately 8-10 year olds - old enough to read, but young enough to still enjoy it. Hopefully you will be able to take a mild amount of enjoyment from this game as well.

Despite appearances, I really, REALLY did work hard on this game. :P I can't say it came out exactly as I had planned, but very few of my projects ever do. Please try to have fun!

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I WAS LOSING MY MIND AS IF THE ASTEROIDS WERE ACTUALLY AIMING AT ME and so I waited for a planet to find... drifted in space...and I discovered that this game was good.

WHAT THE $%&$!

It's a fun game, well made and everything, BUT... A lot of times there was like a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000175 % chance of dodging an asteroid. There is no way a 8 year old would have the patience, skill, or LUCK to finish this game in under a couple of hours. Ease up on the difficulty a little. Have more ways to refill hyper fuel. Other than these things, Great game.

Well done...but too difficult.

I'm giving you a lower score than I feel the game deserves due to the difficulty alone. The last 4 plantets were a bear, and I actually quit before bringing together the last two. I can't imagine many 8-10 year olds are going to have the patience or skill to finish this.

The meteor's actually seemed to having a homing feature on them. If they had a decided orbit it'd seem I'd be able to avoid them by changing direction or launching the thrusters. However, there's times it seemed I could do nothing to avoid them. Near the end finding an unexplored planet was a little bit like finding a needle in a haystack (even with directions from the explored planets). By the time I'd find an unexplored planet, I'd have to catch it without getted slammed by an asteroid, and changing course could be enough to completely lose track of the planet. On top of that, I could be right on a planet's trail only to be stopped by the artificial border.

I have to say, the general gameplay was a lot of fun, and I thought the questions were appropriate and thought-provoking for the age group you specified. Were the difficulty also appropriate for kids I would have scored this an 8 or 9 out of 10. Make the necessary changes and I think this'll be a great game.

I got hooked!

This is so addicting. Good job!

So... Addicting...

I thought it would be mildly amusing... And then I got hooked... The fact that there was a bunch of nice things you could pick, but only one would work for the certain trait is a good way to teach kids certain aspects of some traits. Good job.

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4.10 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2007
5:51 PM EDT
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