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Well... This is my first completed game ever, also worst one I did probably.

Well, WiggiRoulette is an easy game if you understand it and yeah, it's a game that will help specially kids minds get better because it helps to get the kids smarter and fast at thinking. And yes, again... it's for kids, but hope most of you people will actually lose at this (I really do, my best score is around 18). Hmmm... Check the Help option if you cannot understand the game, it's the 'How to play' page, it's crappy anyway.

Oh well... This is for the Wiggi World contest :P

I would like to thank Rule, because he supported me and tried to help me to fix the scores thing. He didn't actually fixed it but tried and supported. Thanks pal ;)



Nothing special.

As always this game had very good graphics, they looked smooth, bright and very good all around, but as always with this contest the submission itself wasnt that great. It wasnt bad, but wasnt anything to drole over or admire. Or even play more then 10 minutes. You need to have some sort of tutorial explaining the game instead of words, since it was really difficult to understand the game. And if we have trouble so will little kids. Anyway this was an okay submission, you just need to work on explaining it.

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Sonucais responds:

Belive me, there are other entries harder than this one like wonchop's one XD!

Meh, pretty fun

Yeah its okay. Nothing specail though. Hard to beat it for originality at least, I've not seen a game much like this. Got very hard after I while. I got about 12 points. Still, keep it up, your doing okay :P

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Sonucais responds:

Thank :P It was all like, oh my god, why I don't make this? And I did. All came of from my brain ^^

Bugged but nice

when the "black 1" comes up and you press the black 1 it says you are wrong so i never could make it past lvl 2.

Sonucais responds:

Bugged? It just you didn't undertand the game. Check the Help button at the main menu. Thanks.


Never seen a game like this before, it actually did get chalengin after 9. i scored 12 cause i panicked =(

Sonucais responds:

Haha, panicked :P Relax and try it. You know, read my author comments ^^

It's good, but...

There's not a lot of codes in the game. Most of them are either "0012", "1337", or "2970".

But so far, the rest of the game is good. Just needs a little more on challange in order to get children smarter.

Sonucais responds:

Well, I wish can make it automatly with a code, but it's just imposible for eveyone in this type of game. Thanks for the review.

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3.72 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2007
3:06 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other