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Well... This is my first completed game ever, also worst one I did probably.

Well, WiggiRoulette is an easy game if you understand it and yeah, it's a game that will help specially kids minds get better because it helps to get the kids smarter and fast at thinking. And yes, again... it's for kids, but hope most of you people will actually lose at this (I really do, my best score is around 18). Hmmm... Check the Help option if you cannot understand the game, it's the 'How to play' page, it's crappy anyway.

Oh well... This is for the Wiggi World contest :P

I would like to thank Rule, because he supported me and tried to help me to fix the scores thing. He didn't actually fixed it but tried and supported. Thanks pal ;)




I DONT GET IT :(:(:(:(
though im sure its a good game once you get the hang of it so it gets an 8

Sonucais responds:


19 !!

glad you fnished it.. I got a 19

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Sonucais responds:


Ha ha

This is really good. I only wish the "Attention: Here Come A Harder Level" was short.

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Sonucais responds:


Good enough. But...

Overall, it was good but I don't really see what so admirable there. It's still good though, anyway.

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Sonucais responds:


It was boring...

Sorry Sonuc' but I thought it was really boring, but I know you didnt get to work on it as much as you wanted. This was just a really tedious game and didn't seem interesting. I liked the background and the "quack" noise though!

Sonucais responds:

But you are 14, arent you? This is for 6 years old kids.

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3.72 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2007
3:06 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other