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Wiggi Walk!

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Author Comments

Please wait a moment for the preloader to appear :p
Note: Graphics Intensive Game - decent PC required for maximum performance.

The-Exp presents Wiggi Walk!
Create your own Wiggi - Beat the levels - Outsmart the "Strangers" - and above all HAVE FUN!

This puzzle platform game is all about teaching kids problem solving skills and dealing wih strangers on the internet.The earliar levels may prove a bit too easy for you newgrounders, so a level select screen is included, although I recommend you play through the main game first of all for the full experience.
A lot of effort has been put into this entry and it is intended for kids, so please, vote fairly, and leave a review, I always read all of my reviews, and answer as many as I can.


i feel stupid

one how those a kid know about newgrounds the place where swearing groin kicking is. this site is for mature people anyway so how the parent is going let come and play this on a mature site anyway... one part that angers me is the fact is that they actual tell what a space bar is like they where expecting a kid to be computer challeged. but then again i think game was attend to be played 5 yr old

dont tell your parents about this review

great job, I can't hear a brittish accent now without pissing my pants and getting the strange sensation that i'll have to answer questions. I knew brits were evil, but trying to get me to turn on my webcam? that's diabolical!! and here's a clue buddy, kids need more than fruit, they need cartoons and meat and vegetables and batteries for all their loud obnoxious toys. they don't need to be scared of brittish people, keep in mind that "strangers" who want to do harm are smart, they will blend in with everyone else. good idea, poor execution.

it's ok.

but I want to ask some questions first.

how big is the chance that a kid would get inte a chat room(you often need to be registered for that)and then again kids who play this may have trouble even typing in his/her adress?

it would be irresponsible to leave their own kids in an rather ''dangerous'' site like an chat site.

and also, when the first ''stranger'' asks ''i have puppies and sweet chocolate''and ''are you sure you don't want to come?'' that type of question is easy to answer wrong on.

and it's not many times a ''stranger'' MwuHaHaaaahaAAa's at you.

that was all of them.

and yes, I understand this was intended to kids and I can see you did put lots of effort in it(i'm a rather big fan of your game ''Ongaku''.)

you're very talanted and i would like to see more future work.

it's also not my taste of game..

keep up with the good stuff!


that was a weird game. but it was good, another game however that is too slow! and the question "are you sure you wouldnt like to come to my house ive got lots of sweets and puppies" or watever had me boggled because you answer yes to say you dont want to but you say no to confirm your previous answer. i think a little kid wouldve picked the wrong one, i did and now im a t4 paraplegic lol :) the game would get a 9 if it had someone killing the kids instead of teaching them.

Joel Atkinson

I can't believe in the credits for a game about teaching little children about the perversions of the internet, you left in Mr.Atkinsons handle [Scorgasm]. That's the funniest damn thing I've seen all day. Thanks.

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Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2007
11:09 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other