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Stigg's Veggie-Matic

rated 3.78 / 5 stars
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Aug 10, 2007 | 5:51 AM EDT

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Author Comments

When Stigg's class held a Health Fair, most of the kids brought healthy foods or exercise equipment. But not Stigg-- he brought free cake instead! Everyone knows cake isn't good for you, but it sure draws a crowd. Fortunately, Stigg has a secret weapon... the Veggie-Matic!

As you've probably guessed, this game is my entry to the Wiggi World contest! That means it's designed for kids aged 5-12. It needs to be clean, there needs to be a reasonably finite ammount of play-time, the first level needs to be do-able by tiny human-larve with developing reflexes, etc. etc. I tried to make the game as fun as I could, given these requirements.

I've written a lot of Flash reviews here at Newgrounds, but this is my first submission. Feel free to rip it apart-- I thrive on criticism. :)

Oh, also, I'd like to thank Erica Mendez and ShockDingo from the Voice Actors Alliance. I'm sorry I don't have a website for either of them but they can be reached at the VAA forum. Both of them came to my aid with auditions even though I posted with a ridiculously short deadline, and even better, they both managed to really nail the voices of characters I'd made up in my own head!

Edit: Woo-hoo! Daily 5th and Front Page? Thanks, guys! :D

Edit: Wow. It won. Just WOW. I mean, I hoped it would, and I did my best, but... WOW! :D



Rated 0 / 5 stars

First there was the rock off....

And now the Wiggi Wonders! Whoop de f**k.

I didn't realise Newgrounds had any members aged 5 - 12 for a start. Certainly never met any on the BBS, bu they, maybe they snuck in while i wasn't watchin.

Now i'm not rippin this WarpZone fella particularly, jsut the concept. I played the game, got like 1400 point or somethin. Meh, twas a laugh, killed 10 minutes but honestly, give me a 'kill all the zombies in the most gruesome ways' game any day of the week.

As for the game, cartoony graphics, smoothe but not not to my liking. Stupid story line, 'Ii brought cake who wants some? NO FIEND! DIE BY THE WRATH OF MY BROCOLLI!' how long did that take to invent....? Style, and humour were none exsistant. So yeah



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WarpZone responds:

Ah, finally, a readable negative review.

Newgrounds doesn't have any members aged 5-12 that I know of. There's probably a few 14-16 year olds... as I understand it, Tom Fulp was under 18 when he started this site and established the trend of excessive violence, flippant profanity, and occasional gratuitous porn.

I'm not surprised you prefer the usual newgrounds fare. Frankly, I'd rather browse Newgrounds myself than watch Sesame Street. The thing you have to understand is, I did this for a contest. The Wiggi World contest. It's all over the front page in that little animated box that shows clips from NG cartoons and news of the day.

The contest rule state right up front, the game is for kids age 5-12. It's designed for Wiggi World. Not for Newgrounds. Newgrounds is just the arena where the contest is taking place. If you don't think this contest should have gone down at Newgrounds, talk to the guys who organized it, and Tom Fulp, who authorized it. Frankly, I agree with you that the two websites are worlds apart in terms of content, but I don't think the folks at Wiggi World had much of a choice. Newgrounds is the place to go to for Flash. Period.

So yeah, I'm sorry that 51 portal entries over the past month didn't have any blood or hentai in them. I realize that's a huge inconvenience for you. I can only hope the thousands of other, typical Newgrounds submissions during that time period made it up for you.

The good news is, as far as I know, this doesn't signal any kind of official trend or policy on Tom Fulp's part. Nobody's trying to get Newgrounds to clean up its act. They just needed some Flash games in a hurry, so they came to Newgrounds to find someone to make them.

Sorry you didn't like the game. Sounds like the theme just killed it for you. But hey, I did the best I could within the boundaries of the competition. Thanks for your feedback!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome game

The graphics were alright, but the gameplay was awesome, I got 1231 and noone touched my cake keep up the good work! :D

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WarpZone responds:

Wow, only 106 points to go. :P

Thanks, glad you liked it. :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

not bad, but...

Not bad, has a couple of things that could be fixed.

1) Add a mask over the "tunnel" entrances so that the veggies fly under it, not over it (as even if they fly over and hit a guy inside it, they apparently get points)

2) found an EXPLOIT: you can beat the game without even aiming at all.

..........aim straight up (North, whatever) and just blast away.
Make the guys go straight for the cake (shortest trajectory) than from the top part only.
3)Perhaps put a teeny bit more effort into the start menu buttons? :D

Other than that, I liked the idea, especially the guys flying in, lolz0rs. Perhaps make them run away a bit faster, as I was sometimes trying to own guys that I already owned. The "lives" idea was great!

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WarpZone responds:

1) Yeah, I thought about doing that. The trouble is, if I simply added the bit over the door as a mask, then anytime the player fired at the edge of the door, the vegetable would be split in half, with part of the vegetable overlapping the wall, and the other part hidden by the door's threshold. It's possible I could have tried something where I use the angle the veggie is travelling at to decide whether to draw the veggie to the layer above or below the threshold, but since everything ins Flash is layers, well, the solution quickly got complicated. After taking all of this into account, I opted for what seemed like the least obvious visual glitch.

2) Yes, this is true. But if you do aim, you feed more wiggis faster. The faster you feed 'em, the faster they spawn. So if you aim, you'll end up with a much higher score than if you just breeze through the game. Also, aiming up will NOT work against the boss. (Though ONLY aiming at the boss will work in the last level, thanks to this exploit.) I really couldn't think of a way to address this in time for the competition's deadline. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be a deal-breaker.

I dunno what you meant about the shortest trajectory. All wiggis already walk directly towards the cake. The guys who fly down from the top have a seperate x, y, and z position. Before they land, they are losing altitude which makes them seem to be flying almost straight down, but actually their x and y movement is in a direct line towards the cake. You'll notice that in stage 10, they land closer to the cake, almost right on top of it.

3) Ehh, priorities. :P

Overall, I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the game. :) Thanks for your feedback. Because the contest is over, I'm pretty sure I can't make any further changes to this game, but I'm glad you enjoyed it despite its weaknesses. :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

My poor finger

I managed to beat the game without them touchin mah cake XD

Number 6 was painful.... XD

Pretty good work man

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WarpZone responds:

Good job. XD As you could probably tell, my goal with this game was not to challenge an experienced gamer, but just to give him something to do constantly for 10 minutes without it getting too stale or predictable.

Yes... everyone feels overwhelmed by stage 6. :D Yet no one dies there. It's a mystery!

Glad you liked it :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


6-10 were so intense great for a children game keep up the good work

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WarpZone responds:

Thank you. :) Glad you thought so!