Stigg's Veggie-Matic

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When Stigg's class held a Health Fair, most of the kids brought healthy foods or exercise equipment. But not Stigg-- he brought free cake instead! Everyone knows cake isn't good for you, but it sure draws a crowd. Fortunately, Stigg has a secret weapon... the Veggie-Matic!

As you've probably guessed, this game is my entry to the Wiggi World contest! That means it's designed for kids aged 5-12. It needs to be clean, there needs to be a reasonably finite ammount of play-time, the first level needs to be do-able by tiny human-larve with developing reflexes, etc. etc. I tried to make the game as fun as I could, given these requirements.

I've written a lot of Flash reviews here at Newgrounds, but this is my first submission. Feel free to rip it apart-- I thrive on criticism. :)

Oh, also, I'd like to thank Erica Mendez and ShockDingo from the Voice Actors Alliance. I'm sorry I don't have a website for either of them but they can be reached at the VAA forum. Both of them came to my aid with auditions even though I posted with a ridiculously short deadline, and even better, they both managed to really nail the voices of characters I'd made up in my own head!

Edit: Woo-hoo! Daily 5th and Front Page? Thanks, guys! :D

Edit: Wow. It won. Just WOW. I mean, I hoped it would, and I did my best, but... WOW! :D


Really cool game!

I enjoyed playing this game.

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WarpZone responds:

Thanks. :D


i enjoyed this game, this is the type of game that you play for hours without getting bored of it

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WarpZone responds:

Ahhhhh. Good. That cancels out ilandman11's review nicely. Now he didn't say that! :D

No, seriously, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's literally impossible to please everybody here at Newgrounds, but I'm very gratified at pleasing about 19 out of 20. I seriously thought it was gonna get slammed MUCH more frequently than it did.

hehe.. i really liked this

this game was pretty cool, i don't think it was TOO easy, not too hard eather though. only thing i see wrong about this game is that fact that you are encouraging kids to break their parents PC mouse with all that crazy clicking goin on. Lol, just kidding :)

one of the guys looked a lot like homestarrunner though, if you dont know who he is, check google :)

good job and good luck!

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WarpZone responds:

Heh. My friend called stage 6 "The stage with the Gay-Pride Mini-Homsars." I'll admit they do look quite a bit like Homestar Runner, and even more like his friend Homsar. That wasn't the original inspiration for them, though. I was actually trying to pay hommage to another Wiggi World game, Hungry Hungry Wiggis.

In retrospect, though, it looks like the dudes in HHW don't have an underbite except on the title screen. Whoops. I guess I was more influenced by Homsar than I realized.

The boss, Big Mauf, was definitely partly visually inspired by PVP's Skull The Troll. :)

i saidd good day!!

this was not funn.. at all in any way also the eating sounds kinda weird

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WarpZone responds:

Yeah, I can't argue with you about the eating sounds. There weren't any at FlashKit, so I recorded my own. Most people seemed to think they were cute or funny, but I guess you can't please everybody.

I'm a little disappointed you didn't find somehting to like here, though. You didn't just play the first stage, and assume the whole game would be that slow and quit, did you?

easy peasy

Got to the end real easy... all I did was use my left hand to control the clicks with 2 fingers and my right hand to aim.

Wiggiworld games seem highly addictive even though they are meant for kids. Excellent work!

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WarpZone responds:

If you want more of a challenge, I dare you to try it with a laptop mousepad. :)

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3.78 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2007
5:51 AM EDT
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