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The Sea of Glomp

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*****Announcement: New Version 1.5 is now here *****

Objective: I think the intro animation says it all.
How: Use any means necessary. I've gotten emails from many people who came up with ways to use the items i never even thought of. Awesome. There's no one solution.

Based on some comments, I want to be clear about some of my goals. I want it to be hard. I want you to be lost. I don't want to go down the path of helping the player along. There's no fun in that for me or you really. What I do want is for you to discover things on your own, which is what I like about games I play.

However, many complain of having no direction. While i personally prefer it like that. There are clues for the needy in the "Other Stuff" link on the game's splash page (which doesn't seem to be working now). There are also visual clues for everything, so keep your eyes open.

The Sea of Glomp is an action-adventure game which is basically an homage to the Atari 2600 classic, "Adventure", but there's more than a chunk of me in this game. Oldschool to a fault perhaps. I expect younger gamers to be annoyed by the one-item-at-a-time mechanic. I happen to love the fact that you're forced to make that choice.

Thanks to the bat and pseudo-randomizer, every game is different. Should be some replay value there. I'll also be playing and coming up with new ideas on a regular basis. Updates will all be listed in the "Other Stuff" leaf on the game's splash page.

I made everything from scratch... from the music to the drawings to the math and physics and every scrap of scripting.

I hope you like it, obviously. Above all things, I love creating places for others to explore.

Okay, enjoy. Time for pizza. ....paul (C8;

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It is not so hard, you have to find the keys and try to guess where is the sword so that you do not be bother by the monsters, i win almost 4 times, excelent childhood game.

8 years old me: This game is so damn hard..

16 years old me:This.. stills hard.. fuck

Great game, very cool figuring out how to win it. I've been playing on and off for a couple of years, and only recently figured out how to win it. I still don't know all the uses for some items! I also love the twist at the end. However, my game tends to freeze (usually when I'm just about to win!!!) which is really annoying.

Tantalizingly Fun

The only reason I gave this an 8 is because it's hard to figure out what to do. But that's part of the fun of this game! It's a puzzle and an adventure game, and I'm always looking out for those. More hints would be nice, please! ^.~

Great Game

Man, finally beat it. It took years of playing on and off, but I finally did it. Great game though.

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4.10 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2007
2:16 AM EDT