Wiggi Fireman Defense

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Hello. This a wiggi contest entry. I know it's not really that good. It's a simple defense game that kid's could enjoy-no blood, hehe.please vote fairly

-to the guys who entered the wiggi contest and vote zero for all other entries-I don't care about it anymore...

no sound yet, because i was in a hurry to pass this. just a last minute submission, xD

-my new version went insane so i'll just post the old version


Pretty good

I tthought it was pretty good. Not anything special, but it was better than some of the entries so far. Only thing bad was there waas no sound and it was pretty simple concept so it didnt take long to get me bored. good job tho.

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I don't want to seem stupid but for the last 3 levels, the fire guys populate on the screen and can't be killed. Is that a glich or is it just meant to make it harder for you? Caus it slows you down and I couldn't even see the score. Maybe it was just me though, sorry if it was. Other then that its a good game. Its a bit boring, needs a bit of spice but its cute and simple.

Pretty good, but....

My six year-old cousin absolutely loved this game (it was his favorite out of the wiggi games I showed him).

I noticed some major glitches though:
1. The increase hp button doesn't work after the first upgrade.
2. After level 8, the fires appear randomly and stick there (immune to the water), without moving. They even stay on after you beat the game (so you can't read the score). It's very distracting and my cousin thought he broke it at first -_-;

If you fixed those things, this would get my 5/5.

Screenshot of fire mob:
http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b12 3/kkruby/?action=view&current=fire2.j pg

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burningice579 responds:

OK... tnx for that. I didn't expect that some1 would appreciate this trash, hehe. I'll make it better! i'll put sounds, fix bugs, andmore power ups. btw, the hp increase doesn't increase max hp (yet) I programmed it to only heal up to 100. i'll fix it right away!

Unique concept, could use some expansion.

Wow, this game is not all that great, kudos for admitting it. But, It has alot of potential if you want to really capitalize on it. I showed it to some kids and its the kind of thing that they enjoy. The whole thing to me is almost sickeningly cute to see. But thats where the child's appeal comes from. If you could add some features for even possibly a sequel(?!?!?) it could be really great. For example, there is literally no reason to have a button to press on the keyboard. The game might as well always have the water going. If you add an aspect such as ammunition (water supply) or maybe if you moved faster with it off, that'd be cool. Perhaps you could add different hose types like a cone blast hose, line, short range, long range, arched etc that you could buy with the points. You REALLY need more creeps to kill rather than the same little fireballs over and over again, and if you really want to pimp it out, add a plot of sorts. Also, the audio would definitely make the game more enjoyable if you have the time to find some. So, good job on the first step. lets see the whole run (fingers crossed).

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burningice579 responds:

hehe, thanx. i am just too lazy to make it better.(the truth is-i started this flash last nyt.i slept at 3:30am) i supposed to make the water supply limited but i got insane about the coding, and my eyes are killing me until now... I'll make it better tho.

wtf the fires were going crazy

some of the fires were invincible, and the big fires would apear and dissapear like wtf? i know its a game for kids but even kids know when games have bugs. so i suggest u make a 2.0 for this one

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3.15 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2007
9:44 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense