Ninja Guiji

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We all have a little ninja deep in our soul, asking '' Will there be any samurai to assassinate today?''

In this game you will meet 100 opponents that you will get to kill in 18 different fashions.

Your inner quest for samurai blood is over; the one of NINJA GUIJI just begins.


Maybe fill it with cement and call it a 'bricken'.

I gotta get this off my chest- I need there to be a comedy mode where the ninja kills a samurai with a rubber chicken.

I only have two nits to pick- for some reason, I can't press up, left, and space at the same time. Perhaps I'm not venting to the right people and I should take it up with my keyboard vendor :)

Also, the combat system was a bit too 'rock paper scissors' for my taste, and I would prefer something more interactive.

With that out of the way, this game does everything it sets out to do: put on some galoshes and wade silently through buckets and buckets of blood.

The claw is super cool.

But a real ninja would use a rubber chicken.

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pretty cool

the story is good,so is the gameplay...mostly. there are only a couple of things i can find wrong at the moment. one is when you do the stealth kills the ninja's eyes are blue but when you enter battle they are brown, also i have no idea how to control what kill the ninja makes, but besides that good job!

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its pretty good but

its good but gets old fast

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not great

Not 2 be a sor loser but this game is wuite hard when u r in a battle but i do like the gory bits =)


Well, this pretty much sucked. Not much more to say.

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4.12 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2007
8:12 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG