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Wiggi Dance Academy

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Arrow Keys: Up, Down, Left and Right dance moves
Space Bar: Jump dance move

For optimum play, try not to have too many windows open, and if you're using the AOL Browser, it's best to watch this using another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. Otherwise the sound may lag at some points throwing you off.

This is my entry to the WiggiWorld Arcade competition. While it's targeted at kids, it also has challenge so that the mainstream NG audience will enjoy it too.
Inspired by the game, Space Channel 5, the aim of the game is to listen closely to your instructor's dance moves, and then repeat them in time to the music when it's your turn, using the Arrow Keys and the Space Bar. PLEASE WATCH THE TUTORIAL BEFORE YOU PLAY!

Much <3 to Kylee (SonicRocksMySocks) for providing swell voiceovers.
Hope you enjoy!


PaRappa + Marshmallows = this game

It's a fun game, but it could be a little more forgiving with move timing. (For example it wanted up twice [up-----up] but I pressed it a little too rapidly [up---up] and got it wrong.)

Great art and smooth animation! :D

So cute!!

That was excellent!! It felt like a real game. And it reminded me of Parappa the Rapper a little. Great Job.

This is epic

I've only just found this awesome game, I wish I'd seen it when it came out. I found no faults at all, other than my own. Though the characters seemed to not be very animated when talking, just kind of looping with the same movement...

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Great game.

Just when i thought you could do it all then i find out you can make games too,the concept of the game was a bit simple but fun as well it reminded me of Parappa the Rapper and Space Channel 5 also the animation was great with the cute character designs & fantastic voice acting too,overall i enjoyed this game very much and hope you make another game sometime in the near future cause it seems you got a knack for it just as much as your flash animations.

i like it

It was quite challenging,which i like in games.I loved that its like Space Channel 5,on the Dreamcast,ah good times.Anyway overall its well made,great job,keep it up and hope to see another one with more songs.

Wonchop responds:

Heh thanks. I've only played a demo of Part 2 on PS2, but it's hella fun to watch on Youtube. XD

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3.70 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2007
4:45 PM EDT