Wiggi Dance Academy

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Arrow Keys: Up, Down, Left and Right dance moves
Space Bar: Jump dance move

For optimum play, try not to have too many windows open, and if you're using the AOL Browser, it's best to watch this using another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. Otherwise the sound may lag at some points throwing you off.

This is my entry to the WiggiWorld Arcade competition. While it's targeted at kids, it also has challenge so that the mainstream NG audience will enjoy it too.
Inspired by the game, Space Channel 5, the aim of the game is to listen closely to your instructor's dance moves, and then repeat them in time to the music when it's your turn, using the Arrow Keys and the Space Bar. PLEASE WATCH THE TUTORIAL BEFORE YOU PLAY!

Much <3 to Kylee (SonicRocksMySocks) for providing swell voiceovers.
Hope you enjoy!


Doesnt make sense sometimes

It's good ,but sometimes I hit the button and it says I got it wrong!

You can improve

When I was playing it it said Right Left Left and stuff, so I pressed right left left really fast. Apparently to fast and the game couldn't take it so it said I did it wrong.


I had a kid play it and he couldnt win
Eveni coudnt win
and im a teen! >:(


no rithm i do it perfect and i don't get to finish if I can't HOW DO YOU EXPECT CHILDREN TO DO IT!!!!!!!! no rythm man

2nd stage isn't working well...

Seriously, either you have to press the buttons at the EXACT same moment, without room for a millisecond of mistake, or I have the worst sense of rhythm in the world and don't even know.

I noticed there's not much reference to when you need to press the buttons in level 2, since your side of the song is different then the girl's side of the song, which makes the song unbelievably awkward to play at some times, since sometimes pressing the arrows at the same timing as the girl doesn't work, but pressing it a lot faster does.

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Aug 9, 2007
4:45 PM EDT