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**** edit*****
Woaw Front page O_o;
Gee people, thanks again ^^; Many people have complained that the jokes were kinda dull here, so I feel a bit nervous about this now. But eh, hope you enjoy anyway ^^;
Gah, I can still not think of a good title for this flash. Ah well, then a nod to Bill & tedd, better then nothing.

My parody of Star Fox adventure, started as a "in 3 minutes" hyper project, but it ends up being one of the slower pacest movies I ever made.

Graphics look good? Don't worry, that's because I didn't drew most of it.
Main characters were done by Mel-P, the Star wings and..err.. Star Wolfs?.. by Euan.

Backgrounds and minor characters are still drawn my me, plus I animatedi t all and blah blah.


My Summary

This is hillarious. My favorite parts were fox beating up the krozoa krystals and fox has donkey kong on his arwing and tosses the barrel roll at Star wolf. Its nice to see a fellow starfox fan

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one of the Krazoas sounded like Black Doom form the Doomed Shadow Show but this was pretty funny!

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Nice nice excellent

I get the deathtrap temple
The hat Krystal wore is Indiana Jones hat so when she wore it she can pass the whole deathtrap easily
Lawl at the stick part Staff = Stick :PPP
Scales got ownd in like a few secs

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I kept thinking, "well it might get better". But I was only showed a crappy movie that used crappy flash animation and crappy storyline! Actually the story wasn't that bad, but the acting and animation made it horrible.


i personally didnt find it funny at all

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Aug 9, 2007
2:54 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody