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Woaw Front page O_o;
Gee people, thanks again ^^; Many people have complained that the jokes were kinda dull here, so I feel a bit nervous about this now. But eh, hope you enjoy anyway ^^;
Gah, I can still not think of a good title for this flash. Ah well, then a nod to Bill & tedd, better then nothing.

My parody of Star Fox adventure, started as a "in 3 minutes" hyper project, but it ends up being one of the slower pacest movies I ever made.

Graphics look good? Don't worry, that's because I didn't drew most of it.
Main characters were done by Mel-P, the Star wings and..err.. Star Wolfs?.. by Euan.

Backgrounds and minor characters are still drawn my me, plus I animatedi t all and blah blah.


how could you not love this thats all i have to say totally all

the villains are idiots

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Fun fact i am watching a let's play from the game right now.

This was actually way funny! The DK joke at the beginning was great haha.

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nice animation is a tad stiff but thats miner and this is from 7 years ago so no big deal i quite like it. although you did neglect to do a joke on the fact that during the andross fight in the game he was actually pooping rocks at ya and trying to suck you up his butt. albeit he had another face attached to his butt at the time but still.

i would like to ask how to contact the mel p the girl who played crystal i googled her and i couldent find her. her crystal voice was spot on simply amazing

RogerregoRRoger responds:

No idea, I haven't spoken to her in a few years. Sorry.

well that is so funny
and i wish that we can see on the tv

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Aug 9, 2007
2:54 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody