Wiggi Taxi

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*update to fix race glitch and make driving smoother*
This is an entry for the wiggi world competition so remember it is for 5-12 year olds. The quality is on auto because despite the small filesize its a fairly big game and may lag on slower computers, you can still adjust quality in the game.

Anyway the object of the game is to complete missions by picking up fares. I would have liked to have included more missions but the deadline didn't allow for me to :-( Im sure you may find it too easy but it is for kids i must reiterate.

I put a lot of effort in to this game, i hope it shows and i hope you all enjoy it.


Cool game

Pretty fun game. I like it!

Pretty Good for the Comp.

Lots of hitTest collisions were faulty though, and the race had a glitch, that if u didntwin but still got to the red circle AFTER it said u didnt win, ud still win.....500 coins. So ....fix that.

Otherwise rly good.

Saint-kilich responds:

Thanks, and also i have fixed the race glitch thanks for letting me know of it

Hard to steer

Really hard to steer but good over all, Nice job.

Good game

I noticed that you didn't make hitting anything a very gratifying experience... which is a good thing, considering this is a kids game. That was the only thing i got hung up on was putting the driving of the car into kids hands, and giving them the option, if only in idea, of hitting things with the car. I could just see them all gathered around a computer, snickering each time they smoked another car, even though the other car doesn't react, the idea of the impact is still present.

Otherwise, it is pretty solid, a little tough at times (my favorite part was "My party starts in 100 seconds!"). but solid gameplay and mission building.

Pretty good...

I like this game, considering, that it was made for 5 to 12 year olds, nice job. The only thing I don't like is the steering. It's a little too slow, so you end up ramming into stuff.

Overall, not bad.


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3.26 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2007
10:33 AM EDT
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