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The Aventures of PB-Man

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Yay, finally, I present my second entry for the Wiggi World Arcade Compettion. It's a faced paced air-combat sort of thing that sends you shield first into battle with .... popups!

This took me a long time and allthough a lot of the stuff i wanted to still add had to be left undone, I am kind of happy with it - and that I'm finally done. It should be kind of challanging, so no "This is for 5 year old kids pls vote fair because the game is trained-monkey-mode"-line , although i would appreciate the same voting discount :D

I really put a lot of sweat into this, I hope it shows. Don't forget to drop a review (if you got something reasonable to say) and spam fivens for my other submission, "Wiggminton". Hell, I'm actually kinda nervous. I'll just stop typing now.

**Edit: Wiggi World is a website focusing on Internet Safety teachings, among other pedagogic-thingies, in case you wonder wtf. :)

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There's potential and at the start it was entertaining, it just gets boring after a while. Maybe add a level system or something to spice it up and keep attention longer. But that said, it could be a fun game to play and just waste time for a while.

i like it

after a while it got very hard but i did like it



HAHA suck it patches-the-pirate

3540, now comence whith the sucking

No n00bed-kirby You Got No Idea

I got a score of 3490... haha... now top that one...