Rats on Cocaine - Ep # 8

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Cage's mysterious new implant is playing havoc with his delicate psyche. And this episode features Cleveland legend and Youtube phenomenon Marc from Norton Furniture! Yay!


you are so disturbed

thats why i love you!! allyour personallities


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1) What possessed Marc Norton to contribute voice work for an episode of Rats on Cocaine? I can't imagine that all of his dialog originated from existing commercials. He really did it, didn't he?

2) On the subject of voice work, Alice is clearly supposed to be Hispanic, most likely Puerto Rican. What about Cage? You've given him a peculiar guttural accent - Serb? Slovenian? Klingon?

3) What is that gloopy dreck under Alice's eyes?

Ignore the naysayers. Brilliant work.

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

your summations are quite correct:

1) yes, marc norton knowingly and willingly participated. i just went down to his store out of the blue, told him what i do, showed him what i do and told him what i wanted to do with him. i gave him the script of this episode to mull over and he liked it. and even though he seems creepy, he's actually the nicest guy in the world. and he loves comedy. i recorded his part in his store with a laptop computer. a few months later i finished the animation and showed it to him and he loved it. you should've seen his happy hairy face when he saw his animated rat self.

2) yes, alice is supposed to be hispanic. i was going more for columbian, but yes. and yes, cage is a peculiar guttural accent. it's really based on nothing. i intentionally tried to invent an accent. as if he doesn't belong anywhere in this world.

3) eyeliner. same color as her eyelids. i've always thought of running eyeliner as being a very trashy look.

and thank you loads

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Aug 8, 2007
12:55 PM EDT
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