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This is Lantay77 Productions' submission for the Wiggi World Contest. Designed for ages 5-12.

Jump right into the tilting Wiggi Maze and embark on a scavenger hunt! You will earn points as you collect items through 4 mazes that tilt. You will have to go through different types of portals to tilt the maze, and you will answer questions along the way. Don't take too long though because time is of the essence.

Note: to reduce lag turn off the color changing background.

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Not horrible...

Well, I've seen worse games than this - it looks like you made a good effort. It is definitely lacking in formality in terms of graphics and gameplay, however. I would never suggest a colour changing background like that - not only does it lag, as you noted in your comments, but it's not the most aesthetic thing to look at either. As stated in past reviews, there also seems to be a lack of coherence in the game's objectives - it's all a bit too varied.

My relative was playing your game, when she started to laugh at a sentence you made - "Meet Buster with an adult present." I know that this means "Meet Buster when an adult is around.", but when you first look at it, it sort of looks like it means "Meet Buster, and bring him a gift that you've ordered from an online porn site." You might want to rework the wording a bit. ;)

Overall, nice attempt - Good luck in the contest!

Lantay77 responds:

Thanks for your review, and about the buster thing, yea I see why it sounds like that now.

Tries to be too many different things.

I'll agree that all of the elements seem to conflict with each other. The player's character looks like the grittiest action hero I've ever seen in a wiggi world game. The music is light and cheerful. The background is throbbing red-hot pain. Running a maze is a tried-and-true gameplay mechanic, and a rotating maze is a nice(pardon the pun) twist. The questions seem just right for a wiggi world game, but outside of any meaningful context they're basically just a button you push to advance.

Collecting items of the list seems like a tacked-on play mechanic... there's not even any rhyme or reason to which items you collect or avoid; you're just following an arbitrary list of instructions. I guess that encourages obedience, but really, virtually all game rules promote obedience on THAT level. In Super Mario Bros, for instance, you jump over Goombas because the rules say you die if you don't.

Most importantly, there's some issues with your character overlapping a portal and an item at the same time. Stepping onto an item brings up the Yes/No menu, but then it detects a new collision with the portal (perhaps due to hitTests coupled with the player's breathing animation, or something like that,) and rotates the maze before you can answer.

This happens most frequently with the bubblegum and the soap in the first maze. The easiest way to reproduce the bug is to keep saying NO to the items and keep using that corner portal. Try and stop walking exactly midway between the item and the portal. You'll see what I mean.

If I were you, I'd either make the graphics and background cuter and softer, or else rplace the music with some hard techno. Splitting the look & feel down the middle like this is just too confusing.

Lantay77 responds:

Thanks for taking the time to play and write a complete review I will take all of your comments into consideration.

Honestly :\...

I hated it. It gave me a headache and I doubt any kid would want to play it, Graphics are odd and offputting. I like the concept you have, just the way you put it made my head hurt. And there are lots of things that you would think would spin you one way and then don't, and a couple times it glitched out and I got stuck in a loop of switches. Anyway, not a good game overall, good concept, bad execution.

Sorry :|...

Very interesting concept

My only criticism is that it is kinda all-over-the-place. It feels like you sort of have too many objectives that you're trying to resolve. Many times that's not necessarily a bad thing, but in this case none of the objectives seem to correlate with one another. Solving a maze doesn't generally bring to mind answering questions for me... nor does the attainment of items in the game reallly have any bearing on the other parts, like solving the maze or answering those questions. It seems like you tried to pack several games into one, and as a result, each of the separate "games" suffers a bit for it.

I can tell that a lot went into making this, and for what it is, it seems to be crafted well. I'm just not sure how much overall sense it seems to make.

Lantay77 responds:

Thank you for reviewing. I appreciate constructive criticism.

Yah um...

You should make it more interactive like make it so you can JUMP or ATTACK. Moving left to left isn't exactly fun...

This is more like a puzzle game but with inventory stuff a little confusing... And since there is only one path it makes the game (well for me then again I have a low attention spam) kind of dull..

Next try to add a jump button instead of left-right.

Lantay77 responds:

Ok, I thought about making jump from the start, I made it and there wasn't any room to jump in the maze... So I don't really see the point. And its a kids game for Wiggi World (5-12), I don't think they would be happy with attacking in the game.

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2.78 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2007
11:39 AM EDT
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