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Made this in a few days, with the onslaught of Luis Day entries I thought I'd embrace the mexican in me and I ran into this audio clip from Grindhouse that was too perfect to pass up.

Just a nice short movie to get myself back on track. Enjoy!

I hope you artist who's works i slaughter have a sense of humor about things. It was alot of fun trying to emulate your styles and kill your characters.

Special thanks,

Buzzwerd, Brent Tilton, The-Swain, and Mogly for getting me into grindhouse.

Also thanks to you crazy ass people who made somethin for luis day, you all are rediculous. But i totally appreciate you taking the time to roast me.

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13 years later that movie still haven't came out...

Once at 17, I was horrified. Now flashforward 12 years later: it's endearing and just ...i adore this.

I was really impressed by how you showed those lesser known characters. I'm familiar with all of them! It was great to hear that audio. I have seen that movie. Well, originally the trailer was just a joke, but they made an actual movie out of it. I actually enjoyed that.

Anyway, back to this cartoon. It was great to see Paladin and the characters from Tomorrows-Nobodies. I love all those authors! It's just very organized. You did also use a shotgun.

Nooo he kills blockhead :o


This flash sure blew my mind! I don't think I have seen anything this good in the history of the fucking world! I loved the spiffy look and I love how you synced it with the awesome Machete trailer. It was hilarious. I don't think I could ever get tired of watching Luis kill popular Newgrounds characters! Hahaha!

"They fucked with the wrong Mexican" made me laugh SOOOO hard. :3

Hope you make more shit like this soon Luis!