Kart Racing

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You must beat the records on every course to get to the next level.

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not bad

i like it but the waiting time is toooo long 5





tooo long

Almost as good as MarioCart!

There the needs to be a better or easier way to turn the corners. Maybe a "drift" button or something. It's too easy to get stuck on the walls too, your cart should turn towards the track as you hit the walls. I'd say having cart health bar would be nice instead of a seemingly random destruction. Other than that it's kinda boring, needs some AI action up in there, racing against a time isn't fun for very long. At that point some cash and cart upgrades would be a cool addition... Overall, it's got alot of potential, but I probably won't play it again. Best game I've seen today though!


- crappy steering (I had to use reverse to often, and reverse = brake)
- crappy physics
- collision detection often caused my car to explode because it got stuck on a wall
- lazy level design (very few tracks, all you do is decrease the "best lap time")
- 5 second countdown before start (too long)
- because of all that, not too exciting

+ ok graphics
+ has some potential

my cousin really liked it!

I played this game with my cousin, who is 7 years old. She pressed the gas while I steered. We had a lot of fun! I like the bouncing off physics.

Not Great...

this is a very repetitive game, Only 4 levels and the last level i can do quicker than the 3rd level. the timings are way to easy at the beggining but then near the end 10 Seconds to level 1??? it isnt possible the quickest i got was 13.6 so at least make them possible next time. What the guy before me said aswell add an option of opponants and there deffinately needs to be a bigger variety of levels. If you wanted you could add powerups but that might make tha game too different to how you intended it and it would be coping mario karts lol.

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2007
8:51 AM EDT
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