PandaDog Episode 01

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** PandaDog Story **

Dog Island,
the island not identified on the map.

In this island,
Dog's half-breeds such as PandaDog, LeoDog, RabbitDog, DochiDog
PenguinDog, GuriDog, HamsDog formed a village and lived happily there.
(PandaDog = Panda + Dog,
LeoDog = Lion + Dog, RabbitDog = Rabbit + Dog,
DochiDog = Hedgehoggy + Dog, PenguinDog = Penguin + Dog,
GuriDog = Raccoon + Dog, HamsDog = Hamster + Dog)

One day,
as dark clouds covered the sky and wind started blowing madly,
an airplane made an emergency landing in the Dog Island.

A Girl named 'DungDung' fell from the plane and lost her mind...

** PandaDog Character Info. **



Simply amazing

This movie was amazing. Not only in terms of the art and animation, but the sound and comedic value. You portrayed the emotion with little use of sound, and did such an awesome job of it. All of the characters were unique with their own personalities, and all very cute too.

Like was said already though was that it was 'sadistically cute', and explanation that fits this movie perfectly.

I loved it, and can't wait to see more.

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Evil Cuteness Massacres Adorable Dogs!

Wonder how the others will be finished off? >:D
Very funny, and very very cute. Couldn't help laughing at the end.
Keep it up.

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That actually made me lol

it's so sadistically cute, I love it! I'm definately looking forward to more episodes, this one screams tv show. Let us all have a moment of silence in honor of LeoDog, who was cruelly drowned by the evil pink haired girl. Okay you can laugh at that now

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evil girl

I just don't see how she would want to hurt the cute little panda animals unless she was pure evil.

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Well Done

every things tops good job

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2007
10:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original