Billy the Ball

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This one is my first public release of my games. I say it's pretty addicting. It's quite difficult too. It has "enter code" system, so you can play some levels and finish later. But in order to submit your score you must play all levels.

There will appear more collectables as you pass through the levels.
Arrow keys to move, Enter/Space to start new level.
Collect power-ups, avoid spikes, collect all the coins, jump to the new level throught the portal.
The final level is the best. ;)


Simple fun! The ball's a real pain to steer at first, but the more you play the easier it gets, until a point where it's not so difficult after all. Great music, a bit crappy scenery, but fun to play. The ball reminded me of the WP logo somehow, btw, irrelevantly. Keep it going


cool one

that was a pretty nice game. it was a little simple overall, but having more then one level was a good thing... made it more fun to play. i think it could've had a bigger challenge to it, but it was still nice either way.

great game

Very nice.


Not too bad

not bad but not great

i give it a four out of ten because the game was a musing but after like the 4th level it got boring and repetative. you could have like hade a story line that would have made it more amusing and what is with the passwords for the levels? im like WTF but other than tyhat its a good game to pass the time

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3.32 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2007
5:44 AM EDT
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