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Resident Evil 5 is Racist

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Aug 5, 2007 | 8:04 PM EDT

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The trailers for Resident Evil 5 have recently been under attack by the media for depicting an offensive situation where the player takes on the role of a Caucasian soldier gunning down endless hordes of Africans.

Is Resident Evil 5 racist? This flash uncovers Capcom's secret scripts.



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Do you know Resident Evil 5 's plot is in Africa with population of black people? There is few white people, but mostly is black people lives in Africa. That wasn't secret script in Resident Evil so please research before saying any game is offensive or whatever.


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Seriously, people? Didn't you guys have been play the zombie games portrayed with a lots of zombie white people?? We have been killed a lots of Spanish folks in RE4. No one shout "racist!" back then, but why call RE5 the racist now?? I don't give shit about skin color, I just shoot to survive, be it white, black, Spanish, mixed, green and Sangheili.

The ones whom yelled "racism!" over this RE5 are racists beginning with. Besides, the ones whom give shit about skin color fits into racism category.

Really, what the hypocrites.


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I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots.

Okay wasn't bad, kind of funny even. But, I'm tired of people saying the game is actually racist. If you dumbasses actually payed more attention to the game, it'd say their in Africa!!! Africa is where black people originated, just like white people are originated from places more North. I honestly don't even care, I like the origional Resident Evil games more. You know... the ones with actual zomies amd not this Majini shit or whatever. Zombies aren't even supposed to think let alone use weapons. I'm getting off track again, oh well. Resident Evil 5 is not racist!!!!

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"holy crap this fucking hat keeps falling"

"the day i will listen to a fucking zombie...IS THE DAY I STOP BELIEVING IN WHITE SUPREMACY!"

i laughed so hard

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zombies don`t talk. and if this game was in another place closer to north they would probably be whiter. this is the south. not north.