Disco Balls

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Based on some of the feedback I've tweaked the handling a little. The controls still use UP to move foward and LEFT and RIGHT to rotate, but I've changed the handling on 3 of the balls to make them rotate a little slower/smoother. I haven't yet implemented an alternate control scheme... that will come in a future version when I get some time away from a contract job due this month. I also fixed a bug in the scoring.

Thanks again to everyone for checking it out and all the feedback.

Disco Balls: It's fast paced action as you guide your marble to control the board while avoiding the competition. Pick your marble carefully, control the board and beat the clock to survive in the Marble Disco!

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This is very fun! I suggest playing it!

I like the choice of characters, and I like it how you drawed them in an anime style! There's a little girl, a ninja, a grown woman, and a relatively large man.

I searched for "Disco", and I like the music! It seems like that all 4 characters love disco music! The controls aren't too bad. It takes a short time to get used to them.

The little girl's stats are well rounded. I suggest using her for beginners.
The large man's stats make him essential for taking over moderately large amounts of space. If you want more space, choose him.
The ninja's stats is great for manuvering corners and recovering. If you want more control, choose him.
The grown woman's stats is capable of sweeping quickly, despite having a small size. If you want more speed, choose her. Go in straight lines if using her.

The gameplay and concept are good. The voice was cool. The graphics were good for a 2007 flash game. If only there was a second version, then I would love it!

deja vu

ive played this on another site. personally i didnt have any problems with the controls. i didnt even despise the music. but the awkward avatars put me off at a bad start. there really doesnt seem to be a need for them besides to have their facial expressions tell you how you're doing. but really? they dont even fit well together. a ninja, a gradeschooler, an angry lady, and a guy who looks like he works at a deli? what?

Decent game....

But the music make it unbarable, i had to mute my entire sytem and then i couldn't listen to my own music and the gameplay was good, but not good enough to compensate for silence.

uhhh huh

What's with those hyper-sensitive turning controls? And powerups really did nothing too interesting, you couldn't disable your opponent at all. Seriously, fix those dam controls, it's annoying to tap sideways and wind up turning in circles.

jackcole responds:

For everyone who felt they handled too twitchy, I just uploaded a version with slightly less sensitive steering. Green is unchanged, as I always intended him to turn extremely tight, but all others have been adjusted. Red has minor change, Yellow a little more of a change, and Blue has the most severe change.

In a future version I will be including 2 new powerups that I wasn't sure, thinking they may be too powerful. One is specifically designed to disable opponents for a period of time. The other forces 1 or more opponents to place your color for a period of time. I'll try to get that version up (along with an ability to change control schemes) later this month.

okay I guess

The music gave me a headache wich never happens so it must have been really bad

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3.67 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2007
6:48 PM EDT
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