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December 20, 2010
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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delete this


I love this, most of it anyway, because I agree with socialism as a way of philosophy. Its most recent attempts as a functional government may have been flawed, but I believe that it in the will fuse with capitalism to form a more stable form of government. So for me, a "Mario of the People" isn't a problem As for the flag, it really looks more like a skull than a peace symbol. Peace comrade!

the communist people are diferent tham that what you capitalist think and what the revolution do was good because more people in russia like the communist more tham the capitalist and like the other guy aredly said nintendo is from japan not russia or anything like that and the peace symbol is in the really a skull but the graficts in the epocic dont are so good becase this you think that as a peace symbol and dont have why the guy make a stips and stras flag because why the would make a game whit the american flag the american flag is ugly and dont make any sense like trey are from japan and about tre stra is because trey have no imagination for the flag so trey make a flag that look like the japan flag what is a red cicle and this is all what i have to said about this you shoudl think more before make anything that apear in your head a big waste of time in me live this is what i think

and nothing more.
Japan developed Nintendo. As we all know, Japan is not a communist nation. Case closed.

heh this is what got me thinking about the mario communist theory and im still thinking a bout it...

Well, it does make you think...Interesting...

half and half some good some bad. the ending was to funny

realy funny idea. igive u all that points just for the idea b cause there is no good technic in this flash. Its realy funny that some people don`t understood the irony and get pissed of lool go on dude

just to point out a few things: 1. Mario didn't hav breakfest cereal 2. Red is the color of the Nintendo logo 3. The "peace symbol" is a skull 4. Bowser is an enemy of mushroom kingdom which Peach is ruler of 5. Nintendo is a japanese gaming company not a Russian one

life how could this happen i was ok you right about everthing but theres 1 thing you didnt point out why is luigi green well another day brain washed lol

i like it you made your point across

that was ok

Sure why not?
When you analyze things like that you certainly bring up a strong point!
Try putting your analyzing to work on real life issues, next time.

With recent sightings I've heard of this kind of thing before, Mario being a communist or terrorist or whatever you want to call him. I really don't think that's what the creator had in mind when he created the game, but I'll give some credit to the concept.

I gave this video 8 stars the first time I saw it, but I have seen this before, so you get zero

it wasn't funny.

Actually, it was VERY boring.

almost couldnt finish it.

Seen it before, nothing really new.

Okay um... trashing everybody's favorite hero, but with a damn good reason! Run for president! Wait no don't! I friendly neiborhood plumber might kill you! Lol... Anyways great job! Now go and humilate Sonic or something!

But the flag looks like a skull to me. Bottom part is a jaw, nose above that, two eyes.... Peace symbol has 3 lines branching out from the center at the bottom, not two. Still good though, haha... and I totally ate his breakfast cereal, haha.

I never noticed all of that. Gave me a good "lol".

you forget that bowser is a monster who kidnaps the princess and leads armies to terrorize mushroom kingdom. The Bolsheviks rescued Russia from it's monarch dictator and brought socialism making it a great place to live for the lower classes.

Shigeru Miyamoto chose Mario to wear Red. The ever first Mario game was Donkey Kong. Mario was named Jumpman. Miyamoto said in the dark space he gave Jumpan a red suit so it will look like in a dark time there is a ray of hope. Not wanting him to be Communist DX

theres not much i can say, it was more of a reading than a video, so im just gona give you a safe rating

sorry for first review, i pressed enter to soon :$
well anyway, it isn't a rumor, search newgrounds for The People's Mario and you see what i mean...
nice piece of work btw :)

some animation would long way instead of it being a powerpoint presentation lol. Just a thought for next time. :)

wow that was to frakin funny

I like how you made so many alliterations to communism and how well thought out they were. Although I never noticed a resemblance to Stalin. Heh, that's funny that because of the limitations of the times there character ended up looking like him. I have to give you props for this. Just wish I didn't have to keep clicking a button and reading, otherwise it's great.

changed my way of thinking about mario! Don't worry though.... his economy should collapse and then he will ask for aid from his enemies. lol and it's all true! every piece of evidence!

It's funny how i've never noticed these things until you pointed them out. Their brainwashing skills are out of this world.


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