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there is a sound glitch. i'm working on it......

My first Point-n-Click game.
it is very short and the graphics are really bad. but i tried to do the graphics in a certain style, which is why they are black and white. I figured out how to make the Point-n-Click games while making my submission for this years halloween(thats right. i started in july...) so then while i wasn't working on that I made this :D... i hope you like it and ENJOY!!!

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I think it was a good game. But Only If You Made it longer in different endings. And achievements must be cool too.

easy 2 easy

nm to say


well. for ur second one first: this is to freekin easy u,
two:need ads like i dont know, creepy things and a lil bit color,
third: a better protagonist, not just a damn fu#$ing kid, for example: a kidnapped gangstewrs o something like that.

four: get some Real background music instead that one annoying; well tis is your first time, i know i would made something like that in my first, but c'mon, if you do a second, try with those adds, im sure you can create a much better one


well, i know this is your first game and all, but you really need to work on this more. first, you need to be able to walk around, to choose where to go next, other wise it's far to easy. also, the book does nothing. (this might be on perpose, that's fine if it is.) and one lst thing, there where no puzzles, the only thing that was remotly hard was trying to figure out where to click on the door to pick the lock.

work on this, and it will be a much more game. 210 1/5


although it kinda sucked u get amnesty since it was your first game

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2007
6:18 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click