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Ichigo Vs Zaraki

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Hi, This is the first flash of mine that made it onto newgrounds. The animation is very basic and the script is poor. About a year ago I discovered that newgrounds will not allow me to remove this submition for some reason. So please, think of it as a measure of how much I have improved and stop giving pointlessly negative reviews, i know it's bad! ok.
It's based off one of my favourite episodes of the anime series Bleach, My version is just much shorter and worse and has a few bad jokes thrown in.

- To anyone who left a positive review, Your support helped me to continue on with my animation and improve to the point I am today, Thankyou.



I really liked the picture of Zaraki with the red glow around him.. the rest was a bit medioca, even as a fan of bleach, at least till all the vampire crap, didn't seem that great, but still I think it's better than the Angel/Deamon flash thing you just did.


that wuz horrible and disgraceful! i could not even watch the whole thing, it was so bad. the only reason it is not a zero, is that it would mean that i had suffered through the whole thing. i am almost more embaresed for the creators of the real show, rather than the creator of ths TRASH (ALMOST)! i almost want to make a video explaining all of the points that make me want to puke. this is horrible! to all of the people that are considering watching this, keep a gun in case of the fear and/or anger and/or neusea induced killing spree/suicide! (LOL)

9-point-1-news responds:

Thanks man you made me laugh.
Despite the fact that it means I've done bad I always enjoy reading hate mail when it's creative.
I'm sorry you didn't like it and I'm aware alot of mistakes were made in the animation but I think it would be fair to say that there's stuff alot worse than this on newgrounds.
Also considering you have not contributed anything to the site I think you are underestimating how difficult flash animation is.


ahahahah lame as it might be, i liked it! funny ... and u got the coours right ^-^

are you serious?

that was kinda lame...

dude wtf?!

that was funny then he throw the girl,i can actually see her doing that!she always on some guys back or shoulder...i really loved the look on her face too! great job on the cartoon! =)

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2.19 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2007
12:04 AM EDT