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Searching for Hope intro

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Author Comments

maybe the starting of a series but with more effort in later titles with mics and voiceovers. That depends on how much you enjoy it though. This deals with the main character having conflict about himself through his own mind and he wants to go out and solve it on his own and is soon in pursuit by special agents and police. He wants to return home, but he has to sort out his conflict before he does.

runtime is 2 mins and 6 seconds song is pins and needles by billy talent and the frame rate is 12

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Quick suggestion

Bullets are only shaped like that before being fired. The larger casing on the back remains behind, while only the front part of the round actually fires.
At any rate, you have me interested.
Thanks for the film.

FlamingMoose responds:

thanks for watching bud! I took that into my first episode because someone else mentioned it too and it looks better because of it. Thats for the positive responce


Dude, whatever. You know what my problem is? I gave constructive critism for the Okami thing and you are like, "OMG!! ur so fuckign hurtful! ur just picking at the small little details!!" oh, yeah, and that's it, you think I like you? LOL, you are such a fucker to think that I would actually follow your movies because I like you. Dude, here is the real reason, you could USE the reality check...

1. To certain animators, whether they are good, bad, OK, or just plain suck, I see his/her other flashes/games, see? I'd like to see if they have improved, or if they have really good movies/games, see if they have anything new, and if they just put trash on NG (Like putting movies with crappy animation, screamers, fake titles, and other crap that makes me detest them more). OK?

2. The reason I gave you the last comment (The "What is with you?" one) is because I do not like animators that once I respond to them, they talk trash to me (That would be you, oh, and quite a few other animators, mind you). If you can't take my review because I said a few thing that you took all offensive, when I was giving you some critism for the work, you know, and the other flash reviews that I sent to you were my honest opinion, just saying you could improve the graphics. If you do not like it, blow me.

3. Giving YOU bad critism? BULLSHIT. Take my critism, and USE IT.

The flash was good otherwise.

Now stop being a crap-sucker you little PECKER!!!!!!!!

FlamingMoose responds:

lol its funny cuz you give constructive reviews but your only a level 2 lmao. dude I was having a bad day before your alright. nwo your the one freaking so ill chalk it up to you having a bad day. crap-sucker and little pecker lmao. so you couldn t give me feedback on this submission cuz you liked it lol. hey hey trashed you once dude freaking CHILL. ocne im done this series ill make you a good okami flash. Promise.

Good premise but needs artistic improvement

The story seems to be promising, although I do not quite know in which direction you were going as the characters were not established quite as extensive as I would have hoped. Nevertheless, you would not necessarily expect that from an intro, so I'll be looking out for the other episodes when they come out. One thing you will need to improve though is the way you animate it.
While it did have its distinctive charm, it also dragged on a bit, maybe that had to do with the fact that there were no "custom" sounds in the video. Maybe if you used some dramatic violin music in combination with voice acting, it would have had me sitting on the edge of my seat. The second point concerns the pace of the movie: Scenes à la matrix are cool, but they seem awkward if the entirity of the animation lacks speed. This does not mean that it should be all-out action, but perhaps some less cartoonish way of drawing would benefit the point this movie is trying to make.
All in all I do think that while this movie has its issues, it also shows great potential if some more time is invested in it in the future.
I'll be looking forward for more!
5/10 3/5

FlamingMoose responds:

Yes, I wanted to convey more emotion through the characters and give more of a mood or a mindset to what theme I am reaching for but thats hard to convey when you don t have a mic. As for animationwise I plan to put more time and thought as well as effort into future episodes and I still have to introduce some other characters and give them each their own specific personality. Finding music that suited it was the hardest part considering I don t know how to make custom music and the pace of the movie tried to pick up at the second half of the movie. I understand they need more of a sense of speed, im trying to get better at a higher fps but its hard since im really used to 12-15. I will take light to your suggestion and try to add a slight realistic element to each character while maintaining what I began with. Thank you for your review and vote and the constructive feedback. Id appreciate it if you think I should wait till I get a mic or continue the series already or tell me. If read this. miketv101@hotmail.com also im open to suggestions


dude I love the intro. make the serie please. when you do it let me know. nice message. you came see the conflict of the main character. keep the good work.

FlamingMoose responds:

thank you so much for the vote and the feedback on what you think. Im really pleased with the score this got and all the great feedback im getting so I will most likely continue this story. But im not sure wether to wait to get a mic or just continue and add later. What do you think? miketv101@hotmail.com

that goes to the rest of you too!

oh and ty again lol

I lioke it

It is pretty good. Wait is that bg music billy talent... oh nevermind i read the comments.... anyway good job.

FlamingMoose responds:

I lioke it as well.

ty 4 vote XD

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2007
10:02 PM EDT