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When Fanboys Collide One!

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Hi everyone! Well, this one is called "When FANBOYS Collide!". Why? Because this demonstrates the fact that when fanboys come together, they will riot at each other! And this should give the message saying "If you are a fanboy, immediately stop being a fanboy. It's stupid!". This is pretty short, but rather funny, so I hope you enjoy!

PS: I have nothing against these awsome consoles. I will hopefully be getting a PS3 if I hopefully get my job money :P

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Shitty bluray? Hah, seems like times were different back in 2007. The ending is just perfect, lmao. Recording quality is the only thing that could be better in this, it's just perfect otherwise. Keep it up!


3 words:


i'm sorry for the review on the ps3 song

Nice !

LOL This is sick nice work bro

Im sorry but...

This is good but on my review on "The PS3 song!" I kinda gave a complant but all systems are great depending on what consle someone likes I like 360 and PS3 but I don't like Wii so yeah