Pink Fluffballs

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This is my first flash ever ever done, i got help to start with, all the technical stuff, how to do keyframes and whatnot. I dont know what else to say, really... could you leave me some reveiws?? i want to know how i did :)



That was adorable , way to go fluffy things ^_^
I didnt like the effects during their multiplications (for lack of a better word) though.
It just didnt seem the fit the rest of the animation.
Over all though I think its a good short animation and I really really want the poor little guy who keeps gettin left behind :)

Strange but Cute

haha, that was cute!
Too bad they over populated :(
and why did it keep smiling?

The graphics wern't bad neither, it's not super detailed but it's still good.

Keep up the good work

That Was Actually,,,

Pretty Good ^.^, I like how the small one was always was left behind XD

I think you couldva added some music and...like had some sort of message to it, but i still liked it :)

Do i vote...2 or 3...hmmm


I think that whole big crowd running past with the littler one struggling behind happened too many times.

The art was not bad, but I think the bg's and things needed to be cleaned up a little. Like from time to time you see half of like a white border going around the flash.

just looked a little messy, other than that not bad, the sounds suited the flash.

Keep at it!

Cute and kinda funny!

V nice!!

Good work! Grats on the effort paying off!!

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3.05 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2007
6:33 AM EDT
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