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the T.T. simulator

rated 2.69 / 5 stars
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Aug 4, 2007 | 1:55 AM EDT

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Author Comments

after three days in production, the T.T. simulator is done. originally made because i lost a bet, and delayed a day because i was a lazy jerk =p side note, search for the easter egg.

READ THIS FIRST IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO T.T. IS! iki/List_of_Donkey_Kong_c haracters#T.T.

some things you'd like to read after seeing the movie:

story behind the "make him visit newrounds" button:
this took me some time, because in the "top 50" ( fake, of course. ) i i wanted to ask permission first before actually putting it there, just to be sure. the meaning of that option is,
every sane person can become a monster on NG.

story behind the "make him race" button:
IF you played diddy kong racing 64 and TRIED to unlock T.T., i bet you'd almost destroy your controler.
he was just THAT hard, with near perfect stats, you'd have a hard time beating him with the "a button cheat" which is tapping your "a" button so you gain a boost. however, in diddy kong racing DS, T.T. IS A WIMP. i think he lost his drivers license.

story behind the "feed him" option:
i can't remember that much. i was too sugar high on that moment ^_^;

story behind the "I'M A GO VOTE FIVE ON THIS" option:
..........i liek cookiez.

story behind the "i don't like T.T." option:
i bet osme of you have dreadfull memories of T.T. kicking your a-hole, so i made this for people who never unlocked him. ( that includes me -_-; and i'm talking about the N64 version the DS version is easy. )

story behind the "*insert skull here*" option:
made for you, the violence hungry horny 14-year olds :p

story behind the "make him kill >:(" option:
so you horny violence hungry fourteen years get your violence :p plus, i like drawing T.T. with jason's mask ^_^;;

story behind the "credits" option:
.............make up your own story and PM it to me =p



Rated 5 / 5 stars

LoL t!z r d3h funn3h stvzzf



Rated 5 / 5 stars

:) easy

T.T. is a clock

goombuster responds:

perhaps. not sure yet. :P


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Umm... random

It was very random, but quite well made. I have to admit the graphics let it down a tad. Btw, whats with the slime from maple story? Lol. Interactivity was good, keep it up :)

goombuster responds:

i'm working with the drawing and all :P and the maplestory slimeball was the first slimeball i could come up with so yea


Rated 4 / 5 stars

hehe ^^

Stupid graphics but fun to watch the first time :D

goombuster responds:

thanks =D


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I noticed

The B thing in there! N is the only true good single frame flash! All HAIL THE N! ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS LOCK LEGION!

goombuster responds: