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This is my second video on newgrounds. This is a parody of carotclock's video:
What The Hell Is That?! If you have not seem this video watch it first you will not understand if you do not watch the real movie first.The real movies link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=38200 Turn you volume up if you do not hear it good.


lotusqueen took the words out of my mouth

omg you wuld be better off making a spoof for a dictionary

this is just plain queer

ok, nevermind, you dont have talent, as i thought u might have. u need to improve the sound a whole hella lotb/c u can hardly understand anything that is being said. if you are trying to imitate the king of the portal, you are doing a HORRIBLE job. at least he is an original.

What was the point??

Utter Shit


Can't say I liked it :s

What the hell

what the hell was that you thief, carrot clock posted that, and are you 9 years old, cos ya sound it.

RedPlumClock responds:

Naw, if you would have read the credit under Audio you would have known that I did not do that sound, nore do I do sound in any of my movies

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Dec 16, 2001
2:22 AM EST
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