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Un-Mortal Combat:Weed

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Author Comments

Jax wants to buy weed from the mexican.
no cursing was aloud,sorry for the beeps


Bad storyline

This movie haan't any fun in it. but the 'graphics' are ok. so i give you a 6.

TheEmoKiller responds:

i guess


haha is this all you got make it longer or better yet give up on the hole thing tell you learn a little bit about flash

TheEmoKiller responds:

i likee all the submissions you got on
stfu noob

My god that was horible

For the love of all that is good evil and somewere in between remove this. Were do I start with how bad this is.

1. It had bleeps not only bleeps but bleeps that were 3 times as loud as the rest of the audio you could not hear what they were saying.

2. I had to watch this 3 times to figure out what was said and even then it was crap

Blam this untill its gone please.

Whoever made this please work on you flash skills and make better stuff.

its ok

i kind liked the idea for the ordinary lifesmbut that wasn't to funny and it didn't show like what i expected i expected jax to be shopping at wal-mart and some one took the last box of cookies or something and him get mad and crush her and then get sent to jail <--think like that i think.....think...hehe

TheEmoKiller responds:

i live when you fuck my anys

increase your skill

the art was okay, it was really short. and i kept hearing really loud beeping noises.

TheEmoKiller responds:

because he is cursing...

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1.74 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2007
4:04 AM EDT