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Chainsaw the Children 2

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The sequel to Chainsaw the Children, Hooray!

Programming by Tom Fuulp of Newgrounds!

Art by Dan PaIadin.

===Well, this game was under development and we never quite finished it. Oh well. Maybe we will one day hehe

* Press A to attack, press S to grab
* Tap a button to do a quick move, hold a button to do a combo move

* You can cut down trees as well as juggle children by holding attack. How many times can you juggle a child?

* Cut down trees completely to look for juice.

* Get style points by doing fancy crap! (IE. Juggling in the air, then impaling them as they come back down)

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Well I have to say this was a fun game more comical then anything else, Really starts off good too then gets into the element but im sure some wont like the content it was a fun lil game.



marios gonna do something very illegal




hahaha this is a funny parody to me !! great work!