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Why Robots? ep. 1

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I'm beginning a little serie of cartoons with, for each, a fundamental question to explain "Why Robots blablabla ?"
This is the first episode. I hope you'll like it!

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Great job

Like the last guy said, you could make a better robot movie. Still great quality and a great begining to a series.

Pandoryk responds:

Yes sir! Next episode will be better than this one, I just need a nice idea to begin the episode 2.
Thanks fo the review!! ^^


very good but you could do a beter job on makeing the robot move

besides that very funny

Pandoryk responds:

Thank you very much! ^^
Check my last movie "AL in Space"!


cool but start get working on the 2nd movie fast because a lot of people liked this one and want to see the next one! on the one that the sand gets on him i didnt get that one. ohh yea and how do you make a movie? i need an answer for that quick because i want to make one. and if i make it good i hope you enjoy it because this one was awesome but i so curious about the next episode! so good luck on the next episode your making!

Pandoryk responds:

I have almost finish a new movie (surely on NG this week) and after that I'll certainly do a second episode so don't worry, I just need a great idea for the moment ^^
And about the way i'm making a movie, well it's hard to explain, join Dynanimations if you want (search the author Dynanimations on NG to get the forum address), you could have precious advices to make a flash movie, but you know it takes time, so if you can't be patient...
Thank you very much for the review, and stay tuned for my next movie ;)

Good humor

Well, let's start with the graphics.
I think you could at least add some more details to the robot, especially
since it is the main character.
Although the graphics of the water, the girl, the crab and that Godzilla were
really nice.
The style is kind of almost unique, haven't seen it often and you can try
to improve your own style a bit.
The humor was, original and i found it actually funny humor, not too rude,
not too soft, good humor. :)
Maybe, like the others said you could add lip syncing to the movie, to make
it more realistic.
And you could have added soft beach music on a low volume, the music for the
scene where the robot got angry at the girl had perfect music, and the music
for the scenes between the beach scenes fitted quite well too.
You have potential, but you need only practice and we will see your movies
getting better automatically, one big advice, have fun in making movies and
theres nothing to worry about!
Thanks for using my music by the way. :D

Keep it up, and especially the humor.

Pandoryk responds:

Thank you Astrono! The next episode should be more animated (especially the robot), it should be more cinematic actually. But for now I have to find The Question, and I began (slowly) to do a new "sad" movie.
Thanks for the review, I'm glad to see that you like this style, I like it too :P but it takes time!

PS: There's a beach musical background (with waves), but maybe it's too low :S

godzilla dosent like robots.ha!

huh,so thats why i havent seen any at the beach.lol.if u make some more of these and makin them just as funny ill keep givin them a good score.i give this a miss krabaple laugh.ha!!!

Pandoryk responds:

I'm so happy to see your review! I'm honoured to explain why Robots don't go to the beach. It's summer time, and no one will be surprised by not seeing robots on the sand. I hope that my next episode will be funnier than this one :p
Thanks for this wonderful review! ^^