Alex in Danger

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The main goal of this game is to reach the big doors at the end of each level. But be careful there are several obstacles which try to stop you on your way. You have a gun to protect yourself but be aware that your ammunition is limited so use it with care.

Game Controls: - Left/right arrow keys navigate the hero to the left and right.
- The up arrow key will let the hero jump.
- The down arrow key ducks the hero.
- Hitting the spacebar will use your gun.

- Created by Neodelight www.neodelight.com


This reminds me of Earthworm Jim a bit. Mainly because the character looks similar... and it's a platformer. That's where the similarities end, but it's still a fun game, nice and moderately easy, with colorful backgrounds and rewarding stages. Keep it going!


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The graphics are excellent! The background environment for each world is very unique and exciting, and it matches with every object in each level! For example, the green background in the Steep Forest world changes into a light color everytime you move your Alex character up, closer to the goal door. The objects, platforms, obstacles, enemies, items, and Alex himself really stick out in the gaming screen to make it shine, and stick out from many action games!


Well, I think you put a lot of effort into it and then you said to yourself, "this is getting hard, lets submit this." I liked how the goal was to go up in the game, but it wasn't really about the enemies, it was about getting up, so why have enemies and ONLY 4 BULLETS? I liked the worlds, but again, I'm not going to rate low because I know you put effort into this. Just keep up the good work and try adding more things, work it to perfection.


Why do you even have a life bar? You get hit once and you go flying back to the start! And you should have more that 3 shots! At least five! Or better yet, let us jump on the enemies to kill them! Is that so much to ask?


I thought this was a quality game, it deserved a daily award.

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3.54 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2007
9:09 AM EDT
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