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This is an easy to follow tutorial on how to create a sound countrol panel to use in your flash games or movies. I created this because I had alot of trouble making something similar to this in my game 'Hippie Pong 3' and I couldn't find anything on the net, so I thought I would make something to help others out.

I owe Matt Steele (Streetproject) most of the credit for providing the scripts and instructions, I just created the flash. And by the way, I did ask his permission before I started making this tutorial.

This tutorial was based on making a music control panel, but you can use the buttons to play any sound, and you can even create sound boards if you play around with the actionscript and stuff.


A nice tutorial on the basics of Flash! Still, this is a topic most people probably don't know about, I know I've been going to greater lengths to control sound in a Flash, like adding a MC and using StopSound and Sounds on multiple frames. It doesn't show in the end result if you use this or a workaraound, so... good work. I learned something.


Excellent tutorial!

Clear, easy to follow, and a great help!

Though it would have been nice to be able to copy and paste the script :P

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why and How?

Why when I import the song, and press ctrl+enter to watch it, it sounds like the song was inside a bowl, it sounds different if you know what I mean.

Interesting submission.

I'm sure it will help newbies. But damn was i dissappointed to find nothing worth of use for us experienced users.
I need to know how to control music volume with AS and how to fade a song using only one keyframe and code.

Thank You!

Thank You for this submission it has helped me to understand how to do this.

There should be a feature like this on my new game Mouse Challenge 2, coming soon. Thanks for your help!

A good Tutorial!

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Jul 31, 2007
6:38 AM EDT
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