Sleeping at the Office

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WOW! Tom commented on my movie in his blog. I'm more honored than having a front page. Thanks Tom, i think, for being so sad that you wrote about it. Thats pretty cool.

Tried to focus on mood for this one. That's what its all about. Really atmosphere is everything. Thanks for viewing. (Thank you ERH for being an amazing sound artist).



i think he is sleeping at the office because he had a happy marriage with his wife and then he found out she was cheating on him the whole time and they had a huge fight and he got kicked out and he is in disbelief that all the time he thought they were perfect together they really weren't, and that he is going to be alone for a long time.

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AtmosGames responds:


well done.

very good, had a nice effect.

Oddly reminiscent

I think I know exactly where the emotion is coming from in this piece. Its almost like he knows his wife/girlfriend is cheating on him at his own house, and through his own anger/sadness of the situation, he cant go home. I love the explosion effect when he hits his head on the desk, it really drove home the absolute carnage of emotions that would go through any guy in a similar situation. I've been there myself. :( This flash also has an oddly familiar tone with a David Firth piece, kind of dark and creepy, just the way I like it. Keep up the good work.

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i guess he was crying because his girlfriend was cheating on him or something i guess thats why she didnt pic up ? and then he got sader than he already was ? anyways this was alright a bit short and confusing but nicely done :]

very moody... yet somehow funny...

well its very moods, kind of sad that he calls his girlfriend (i would guess) and says hes sleeping at the office... then the sky flashes red...

but to kind of break the sadness at the end... i just thought he should of said "and i cant get Newgrounds on this computer =::(" lol

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