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Sleeping at the Office

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WOW! Tom commented on my movie in his blog. I'm more honored than having a front page. Thanks Tom, i think, for being so sad that you wrote about it. Thats pretty cool.

Tried to focus on mood for this one. That's what its all about. Really atmosphere is everything. Thanks for viewing. (Thank you ERH for being an amazing sound artist).

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freaking amazing

that just blew me away i like to think he keeps repeating it to himself as a sort of this is what my life has come to moment and the red sky and flash is him losing it everything in his life is probably failing and he doesnt know what else to do so he lets work consume him

Holy shit

When the sky turned red I thought he'd killed himself. You really did set the mood in the atmosphere there!

Something awful must have happened in his domestic life, the way he speaks is like he's unhinged, on the verge (or is already in) a nervous breakdown. Perhaps there's a bit of unfaithfulness? All I know is he's guilty and sorrowful about something.


I think that he's sleeping at the offfice just because he got nowhere else to go. The girl he called (presumably his girlfriend) must be having fun with his friends while he's stuck struggling with some inner trouble. That's just my theory.

Short and sweet

The atmosphere was everything .. and overall appearance 9/10


i think he is sleeping at the office because he had a happy marriage with his wife and then he found out she was cheating on him the whole time and they had a huge fight and he got kicked out and he is in disbelief that all the time he thought they were perfect together they really weren't, and that he is going to be alone for a long time.

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