Wiggi-Emergency 911

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This is my Entry for the Wiggi contest. Please vote fairly, because this is game is made for kids. This is my First decent game and the first game I ever submitted to newgrounds.

Know who to call first when an accident happens. Whether it be the policeman, fireman, or the doctor. (It's the person you call FIRST,even though in reality, most cases you have to call all)

-thank you
Note: The picture in the screen can repeat

UPDATE: thanks for the nice reviews. I will change the mouse(because you said it looks like a middle finger) and I'll add more scenes.

Mabuhay kayong lahat=-



its ok for a kids game i guess, btw, i got 57 points, is that good?

so were going to kindergarten?

ok if i wanted a game that will tell me what situation that i need to determine i would of watched Nick JR!

Not Bad

One problem, it repeats a little too many times, you should make more screens.


You... Call... THIS... a... GAME? That was about as much fun watching a albino monkey getting beat up. I understand its for kids and all, but I had my little brother played it and even he thought it was a little bit lame. Maybe if it could be a game where you are the person in need of someone, like what you do after calling docotor/police/fireman. Like you have 's' stop, 'd' drop, 'r' roll, and then if there is someone in your house you have like 'h' for hide, and so on. The more combos you get then the points you get.

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3.23 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2007
10:15 AM EDT
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