Frontline Tower Defense 1

July 29, 2007 –
March 30, 2011
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Introducing Frontline TD, a new addictive and unique tower defense game based off the ever popular mazed base Tower Defense games. Submit your score and check in real time where you are ranked. The game is pretty straight forward, everything is like you expect. Check out Kaddabu for the latest news and entertainment.


this game is totally tits. fun to play dude-

it was fun until u got to lik mid game and u can leave room to pee and come back ud lose no lives

AWEAOMENESSICITYISM!!!!!11!!!!!1!!!!o neone!!1!!!!!!1!!111111
But you need to add background music and when you do the glitch and you beat the game it doesnt unlock the other modes. And easy mode is a little to hard but, like I said, this game is wiked kewl (or maby im saying this because im borred right now). Either way, this game as potental and you should add stuff. Good Job! ^_^

Build three 100 dollar wood towers, then a shock tower for 200. Sell the shock tower (In the pre-phase of the game) and your money will go to "NaN" And you have unlimited cash.

I figure you caught that, since it's fixed on your main site.

It's kind of nice to play but a bit hard. Even if you choose easy, you will still have to lose some lives. No background music.

this really gets boring. it needs something different towards the end(possibly just make ore variety in monsters and/or towers). and its really hard in the start and gets easier as u go, it should be the other around. And also easy is too hard and medium is extremely hard and do i even need to mention hard.Other than that its pretty good.

Uh..i think you need to take a look (or maybe you already have) at "desktop tower defense" yeah...its um...been out awhile....and uh...is exactly this..only better...you took the same towers and everything..but changed the names..the creeps look pretty much the same too...i give you a 1/5 for trying to pass it off as a "UNIQUE TOWER DEFENSE GAME"

<a href="http://www.handdrawngames.com/DesktopTD/">www.handdrawngames.com/DesktopTD/</a>

^^^(Link Above)^^^

Overall this wasn't a bad game, but I think that it is best played on easy perhaps, even though it hurts me inside to do so. Unfortunately, easy grows TOO easy towards the end, but medium is next to impossible in the beginning. more starting money or cheaper turrets could have been nice. also, upgrades could use some...upgrades. I almost always found it easier to buy more turrets to make a maze than upgrade my existing ones.

also, even though i might be being overly picky, the ability to choose your background would have been greatly appreciated. I couldnt look at the white background-it was just too bright and i had to restart the game whenever i got it. just a simple suggestion. not one of the greatest defense games ive ever played but worth a shot.

Good game and all... but i found a glitch that if u accidentally double click on an enemy to see its stats, it doest let you click on ur guys to upgrade em, and the enemy stats float around with the cursor making it a pain in the ass to work with... idk about upgrading and stuff cuz i managed to beat it with just the wooden towers o.o a freaking maze of em xD b ut... i just found that one glitch... plus it doesnt let you click cancel or submit at the end so you have to exit out of the entire window to get it to work again... but other than that... IMO its a great game... keep up the great work!

But there is something fundamentally wrong about it... start is too hard, end is too easy. The monsters clump up quickly, making your basic cannons (which by the way, is the most cost efficient at the start) useless as 1-6 normally escapes and so does the next few until you can create a path.

very good defense game

..this definetly needs an option to restart the mission. Its frustating to wat enemies to pass thru for starting over. Add it please.

It's funny...but the german translation is realy bad

I thought it would have been more of a maze TD, but I just had to upgrade a few towers as much as I could to beat it. Total Score: 109139

Give it some more sound, make it a little more fast paced, make the towers cheaper (and crappier) and you got yourself a real TD going.

But it could use some more work.
When you sell a tower you get unlimited cash, making the game very, very easy. Also, if you didn't use the cheat the game is way too hard (at least in the beginning)
But you might wanna fix the bug :)

It was cool and all, but there were too many bug things at once.

Was alright. Starts off ridiculously hard, but then becomes so easy you don't even have to watch it. Also, too short. Things needs to get progressively harder in games like these, not progressively easier.

So, you get a mere 5/10 for fun while it lasted, but little replayability.

...Every new TD game (except Onslaught 2) gets beter everytime, and this is the best so far. One problem, it's way too hard.

I played this game for the first time and well I am amazed by it. Its easy to play and addicting, I hope it makes frontpage!

Right now this is good but one thing...it's too damn hard!!! how do you survive the first round?!?!?!?!?

It shows basic gameplay but It's a poormans Onslaught 2. The flaw with this as well as that game is enemies bunch together. Turrets focus on one at a time mostly so enemies can get through everytime. So focus on the survival aspect. Give targets to protect. Have them come from all around the player so even base defense is encouraged. Don't make the same version of a game you like. Take the features that you liked and improve them, put them in a different scenario.

This game really kicks ass, i hope it makes front page.

i dunno maybe im dumb but it's so hard and there doesn't seem to be a difference between easy, hard, medium levels...

it's slow and when you press options, and then menu, you leave the game. it's challenging, too little money and very thing's too costly. over all, if i had to play a defense game, i would opt for the original one or xeno tactics. but maybe it's just me? i dunno. graphics wise and presentation, very good :)

Hi yes you got a great game here with some major glitches. Whats the point of a TD if the monsters go through your defense? Btw add some music and your good to go.


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3.42 / 5.00