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Hey NG,
Heres a simple game I made. Simply dodge the walls in two game modes.
In Wall mode, just dodge the walls and collect power ups, green power ups slow the walls down, and red speed them up. Either way, they will speed up over time, so it may seem easy at first, but itll get harder.
Music mode is the same as wall, except its synched up to the music. See if you can last the whole song. I hope you enjoy, and be sure to rate well.
(Thanks to dumpgames.com for the sponsorship, and be sure to check their site out)



The Collision detection was terrible, and some of the distances the ship needs to travel up and down seemed a bit unorthodox.

Wall mode doesn't seem to have an ending

But the wall mode just gets stuck at some point, no "Beat level" or anything.
Some more varieties of choices in the game (like difficulty) could be nice too.

Fun, but could use some work.

It was a cool game, but try making so that the space ship stays with the mouse better, instead of being so delayed. Also, it was pretty vague what you could and couldn't get away with. There were a couple of little bugs as well, but other than there being to explanation for the +/- pick ups, it was a really good game. Maybe there could be more levels on the music mode.

The Song Saved You

I was going to give you a lower score, but your song choice saved you. I happen to like that song. Well done.

not bad

its a decent game but it could be better, the main thing i noticed was that the collision test seemed to be off meaning i could easily fly through the corners of the walls and the only hits that seemed to register were the obvious ones where i actually attempted to hit the wall, but over all nice game, can be very challenging once it speeds up but you should probably work on that collision a bit

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3.06 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2007
12:35 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid