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Luis and the Cloud Sigs

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Author Comments

After about seven hours of work, I present to you a spoof about the funny-looking cloud sigs in the Flash forum. Even if you don't understand the inside joke, I think you'll enjoy this regardless. Also, there's a small secret hidden in the Flash movie somewhere -- can YOU find it?

Thanks to all of the people who made those sigs -- they were so good, I used them! :) Also, special thanks to DreamworX, who captured Luis' message, and jmtb02 for making the nice painting-like picture.

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Your flashes are great.

I love all the sig related flashes by you, the mogly joke was great!

Loved it.

Sometimes I wish I could go to those fancy anime conventions or wherever all the Newgrounds people show up, nonetheless, this was a good submission that I enjoyed for sure. The graphics, in this short submission were nice, they did not overwhelm, but they were nice for sure. The storyline was pretty much non existent and for the most part, I did not enjoy it all that much because of it, but it was fun to watch. Nice job.

Kart-Man responds:

Thanks! Yeah, there's no story at all, just a quick "turn-off-your-brain-and-enjoy" sort of thing. Glad you liked it. Thanks for reviewing!


Is that a reference to my old sig at the end? I don't entirely get it.
Funny movie though, good job!

Kart-Man responds:

Yep, 'twas a reference. I was hoping someone would catch that! :)

Thanks for the 10 (this goes to all the rest of you, too!)

haha nice

This is great, really amusing little flash movie, I love how mogly is a purple cat thing at the end, hilarious. And I gave it a 5 and a 10 because you made me feel petty famous, hurray. Again, nice movie, especially for 7 hours.


You used my cloud sig without my permission, I sue you for 7 internets. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 internets.

Seriously though, really fun animation :) I like the easter egg, and good use of the comic-cam luis image.

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2007
10:55 PM EDT