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Shame by the Slice

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Update 08/08/07

I'm still replying to everyone, so reviews are greatly appreciated!

You may remember me as Elnoabnuxnux, author of the SAMV series. First and foremost, a deep apology to all of you who are STILL waiting for the continuation of that series. Even though it has been two years, I still get emails about it!!! I give you my word, it will be finished.

Now, on with the introduction!

Thank you for checking out the first installment of Shame by the Slice! While I was working on SAMV, I was trying to devise a way to really infuse some emotion, humanity and well, character to my characters. The big problem I was facing was that every character's face was stone still (except for their mouths) as they spoke. I'm a real perfectionist, and I wracked my brain on what I could do to solve this. I spent a great deal of time experimenting on a generic character and finally hit a real breakthrough. I found that by isolating each of the character's separate eyelids, pupils, ears, eyebrows and mouths, I could truly bring them to life in ways that had never before been possible for me! The result was very labor intensive, but at the same time truly satisfying to behold.

The experiment sort of snowballed. I thought of a name. It was "Shame on a Stick", in reference to "Hot Dog on a Stick". This was problematic, as there was once a sitcom based on this franchise. Thinking back (fondly?) to my pizza delivering days, I was struck with "Shame by the Slice". I thought it was pretty catchy. From there, the creative floodgates opened. I brainstormed up a zoofull of crazy characters. I recalled a lot of the bizarre stuff I had seen while working at the pizza parlor. My mind began brewing up a hilarious script. My thoughts flowed like champagne at a wedding! Before I knew it, I was knee deep in a brand new project.

Well, here is the first part of my labor. I truly hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. I must warn you in advance, I am NOT good at actionscript. I suck at it, in fact. For a month, I poured over a playhead scrubber kind of thing to control the movie, but being that it has multiple scenes, it would not work. Oh well. I kind of think you should watch the whole thing anyway!

Big thanks and shoutz:

Amanda. Thanks for tolerating my countless nights laboring over this thing.
Derek, Jeff and Deidre: Thanks for your voices!
Mom and Dad: Thanks for the DNA!
Ed: For the endless patience. For stickin by me. We're gonna finish part 5!!!
Tom McFulp: Thanks for the creative outlet over the years!!!! Don't know where I'd turn to without it!!!!
And YOU!!! The viewing public!!! Thanks a lot for your support over the last 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I guess...

I mean don't get me wrong your animation is good, the characters look pretty good while talking, but overall the movie was nothing but average crap.

1. As stated the animation was good.
2. The loading screen was cool.
3. The Hispanic guy was kinda funny.

1. This is my biggest gripe the dialog seemed forced, I assume you did all the voice work because when ever one character talked to another there were long pauses and you could tell the different audio files were being played.
2. The characters were kind of stupid, and I found myself not being able to relate to them.
3. The floating manager was too off the wall, to quote Gary Marshall "For something to be funny it has to be based in reality."
4. It seemed to me like the characters had no relationships with each other, like it was the first time they had met.
5. The way it ended, I mean a cliffhanger is ok but you cut off before the guy could even finish the last word he was saying.

Hopefully the next episode will improve on this one. I will continue to watch at least for a couple more episodes, because I see a lot of potential in this seris.

BaconMask responds:

I do appreciate the critique, but I have to disagree. I don't think that it's at all average crap.

I ran into some techincal issues with the voices clipping at the end. It's happened to me before with other toons and I can't find a way around it. Hopefully it won't plauge the next part.

I'm editing up the next part right now, and I'm cutting out some dialouge (dialogue?) slack, so it should flow a little smoother.

Well, I guess not everyone's going to like it, and that's ok. I do hope you give the second half a chance. I think you may like it! I hope, anyway. Thanks a ton for your honesty! It does help.

good stuff

that was a great toon. funny and maybe a little strange but that's ok. looking forward to number two. keep up the good work.

BaconMask responds:

It gets a little stranger, too! Some might throw the word "random" around...

Thanks a lot for reviewing!!!



BaconMask responds:

I should make a music video of the floating manager, haa haa haa!!

Thanks for watching!


I liked this movie alot.
The plot is made up pretty well, with the floating manager being some sort of demon.
As a matter of fact, every floating manager that i faced was a complete asshole that lived on cigarettes and fastfood.

Keep up the good work!

BaconMask responds:

Yep, they're definately up there with carnies. The many I have encountered were all pretty much this bad. Thanks a lot for watching!

Make a pizza!

"What kind of pizza?"


Very nice. Very nice.

BaconMask responds:

Haa haa, thanks a lot! Workin' on part 2 right now!

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Jul 28, 2007
4:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Original