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Exploding Fungus (silent)

rated 4.03 / 5 stars
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Dec 15, 2001 | 2:03 AM EST

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Author Comments

It's basically just a weak attempt at some humour. However, the joke is pretty weak, and the graphics are rubbish.

This was my 1st attempt at a Flash movie and it really shows, despite taking 7 hours. My later work is much better. Watch 'Asteroid (sampler)' for a decent animation.



Rated 1 / 5 stars


^^Good Points^^
Well, this was kind of funny in its own special way. I had no idea what was going on in this movie, which was kind of amusing, and the moral of the story seemed kind of humorous as well.

^^Needs Improving^^
The graphics are pretty crude. I'm not sure how they stacked up against stuff of the time, since I wasn't into Flash at that time, but I couldn't see this being that great. Everything was really sloppily animated, which made this hard to follow. There was no sound, and surely some funky tune could have made this funnier.

Bezman responds:

You're right - it was bad even then, though worse things were passed.

It's not meant to be confusing - spraycan sprays on mushroom, which explodes. Purple mist moves about.

Maybe I'll do a remake of this one day.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

So! the great Bezman has...

a skeleton in his cupboard!? (albeit one with a score of just over 4, which goes to prove how artificial NG scores can be!)

I cant compete with the last reviewer for technical skill in reviewing so I won't try.

+ its vaguely funny
+ it has some a punch line, therefore purpose, which makes it better than quite a few NG subs

-it looks crap, with no background, meaningless colours, no shading
-very few movies get through without sound- even just an explosion would be a considerable improvement.
-animation very crude.

You must have some powerful friends or something, I don't see any clocks or B's in it. How did you get this through judgement?

I wonder how you would have reviewed it if it came from someone you didn't know? I ask myself that of my own work sometimes and it pushes me to do better.
Best Wishes,

Bezman responds:

Thanks for the review!

Bear in mind that this was 2001. Kong had been at #1 for a few months straight. Nothing else could reach the score of 4.00. There were far fewer submissions and 'spam groups' weren't around. Everyone had a far greater chance of getting accepted into the portal.

When the famous B was submitted, my understanding is that passed of its own merit - people just found the shock of finding that letter and nothing else amusing.

Likewise, some folk just found this made them chuckle. Check one of the first reviews for proof.

For the record, it passed at maybe 2.5ish. Above 2 anyway. I voted it up afterwards myself - something I wouldn't do now - and did so until it reached 3.7. A fan took it upon themselves to upvote all my stuff recently. I didn't ask them to.

In a way, my LLL account was an attempt to have a fresh slate, free of upvoting and whatnot.

Stay funky!


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Everyone has to start somewhere, nez pa?

But the fact that this movie has a score above 3 absolutely surprises me. Still, here's my objective review:

1. The movie sucks ass.

Heh, just kidding. Honastly, your first attempt at animation shows basic knowledge of the basic properties of Flash. You used tweens, mild frame-by-frame movement, and basic button use among other things. On a side note, the fact that were you were capable of doing this after 7 hours puts my efforts to shame. It took me nearly a day and a half to learn how to tween alone.

So why is it that I don't like this moive? Well:

1. You finished it in 7 hours.
2. The style was inconsistent and overall poor. By inconsistent, I'm referring to the color of the buttons. Nearly everything in the movie was a solid off-value of purple and moved through tweening. The blue linear buttons that were animated in a fbf manner through me off. Perhaps a large purple button that says play. At least then I would know for sure where the button even is and what it does. By poor, I'm referring to the graphical quality of the animation. If it was intentional, I would respect this style as a whole; however, the supporting attributes of the animation gave this .swf the appearance that the poor characters were drawn poorly due to lack of skill.

The overall interactivity was hindered due to poor button design. I honastly didn't even see the buttons until my mouse inadvertantly hovered over them. The poor execution of the flash as a whole failed to adequetly deliver the puchline in your joke.

I do love the fact that this flash lets me see how much you've improved. <3

Much love, Bez

Bezman responds:

This is probably the best review I have ever gotten.

I actually think a purple button with 'play' written on it would be a mistake. I'd like it to remain more abstract. I do concede though that I should have made it more obvious and clickable. At the time, I didn't know how hit-boxes worked.

Review of your review:

You start off, conceding the few 'good points' about this movie and that - yes - it did take /some/ effort (however little).

You then go on to eloquently state just a few of the problems with this movie.

constructive criticism/suggestions: 9
exposition of experience: 10
praise/encouragement: 11 (it's just incredibly so)

clarity of expression: 9
(had to e-mail to understand the phrase 'supporting attributes' and still don't 100% understand it)
elaboration & being specific: 10
coverage (how much): 9

overall: 10


Rated 0 / 5 stars

A weak joke?

Nah, that's not even a joke, my man...
Can't really give this anything above a 0/10, because even for a first flash it was indeed pure rubbish.
The graphics as you said are simply worthless... and although you avoided the first-timer technique of animating things extremely slowly, you made the movement so fast that this became very short, and hard to follow.
Even though your first 20 favourite colours are purple doesn't mean that a flash should mainly consist of these colours, and it shows here. Graphics should have been far more concrete and recognisable.
No audio, as is expected with a first flash, and overall I got nothing out of it.
I'm clueless as to why this attained a score of 3/5 :S... Gets a nice zero in my opinion.

Bezman responds:

First, I just want to thank you for all your reviews.

I've never seen anyone with as high a review count as yourself who actually writes quality reviews.

As a quick defense, I'll say that I do actually find this flash mildly amusing. It's my sense of humour. Personal. Subjective and all that.

Actually, maybe it's me just laughing, thinking about the fact that I actually made this shit so many years ago and actually submitted it... enh.

I disagree with your first line "that's not even a joke, my man..." if taken literally, but the rest of your review is spot on.

(And besides, I really shouldn't be being so pedantic...)

"Can't really give this anything above a 0/10, because even for a first flash it was indeed pure rubbish."

Fair and true enough.

"The graphics as you said are simply worthless..."

*sniff sniff* did you have to be so mean about it? I'm telling my mommy!

"and although you avoided the first-timer technique of animating things extremely slowly, you made the movement so fast that this became very short, and hard to follow."

Or maybe it's hard to follow because there isn't actually any story to speak of? I mean... fertiliser sprays on mushroom, mushroom goes bang, you get a moral. Maybe you just think it's going to fast because you were expecting an attempt at something better?

"Even though your first 20 favourite colours are purple doesn't mean that a flash should mainly consist of these colours, and it shows here."

Too true. It took me an alarmingly long time to realise I probably should use other colours...

"Graphics should have been far more concrete and recognisable."

Maybe. In this case, as someone else said, I think the slight abstraction is an asset. To fit in with the crazily bad joke.

"No audio, as is expected with a first flash, and overall I got nothing out of it."

Nice summary there.

"I got nothing out of it."

I like that quote. I mean, it's something you could use in so many situations. Maybe if you're trying to get ketchup from a near-empty bottle...

"I'm clueless as to why this attained a score of 3/5 :S... Gets a nice zero in my opinion."

Back in the day, when I desperately wanted another review, I thought maybe if I could raise the score, more folk would see it. So I bumped up the score myself.

I'm not proud of it, but there it is.

With my forthcoming stuff, of course, I'll be aiming for awards or later acclaim to ensure feedback and exposure.

Your review does lack any positivity, which I'd normally mark you down for. But I'll take the shit subject matter into consideration.

Your criticism is excellent and constructive. (And CC is always better than praise anyway.)

Nice summary and you really make me 'feel' your confusion and bewilderment at the shittiness.

7 or 8 /10


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Eventless, but it had a likeable aspect

Well it did seem to be a little short, a mushroom got sprayed with fertilizer and exploded, with nothing else happening, however there was one aspect of it which I liked and it worked really well. Strangly enough, that was the lack of sound, or rather your take on it, seeing the BANG appear out of the mushroom instead of aurally hearing the bang worked better than sound itself could and it made the movie seem somewhat enjoyable despite it's shortness.

Lots Of Love, Rebecca Rose

Bezman responds:


This review seems fairly upbeat despite the score.

I like how you gave a specific bit of praise despite the fact that you obviously didn't care for this much.

Though it is kinda odd that you say the movie seems "somewhat enjoyable despite it's shortness", then give it a 1. Surely it's not really somewhat enjoyable at all then? I'm honestly left unsure what your real opinion was. That's my main and only real criticism.

You do point out the length and lack of happenings as criticisms. I think you could have made more criticisms though.

It's nice how you gave a summary of the plot. Though it seems pointless, it's interesting to see how interpretations can sometimes vary slightly.

You seem to approach things in a different way and it's interesting to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for the review.

Stay funky,
- Bez

Your review gets 6/10