Tori's Guide to Furries

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The internet is full of hate and ignorance. I'm trying to change that for the good of mankind. So I might as well start on my own turf! The furry fandom!

A lot of people seem to hate furries before they even know what they are, so here's a little "information doohick" to explain the basics to ya. I urge you, please make your own decisions on those who are different. Please don't just go "THEY'RE DIFFERENT! THEY'RE WRONG!" Be remembered, but be remembered for doing a good thing, not for hatred, not for loathing.

Peace out. ~ Tori Belliachi

Oz Kangaroo fursuit - by Oz Kangaroo! www.crittercountry.com.au
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this is rather good of you to do this

Well, let me start off by saying that I am not a furry. However, I like the artwork of furry artists and some of their stories. This flash you have made makes sense to me. I am glad that somebody decided to post something like this on the net! It's about time! If people want to be furries, thats fine by me; what you do with your life is your business, nobody else's. Spread the love!

Thank you SOOOO much

I am a furry, and as a furry my interest in the furry community is open to the world and this gives me a chance to explain our true choices in life without getting stick for it, i am totally gonna let the community know of your work...as long as you are ok with it.
but one again thank you soo much you really have dome a great deal of good to the furry community.
http://supersonicsteve.deviantart.com / come visit me and admire my NON furry porn art if you can and see what a real furry fan does in there spare time.


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See what your doing but...

Ok I just had to answer to this just to give you all and experience taste of this whole, furry society. Dude i'm sorry if I come out like an ass for saying this, but I like the whole anthropomorphic art style, but I know how to draw more than just what is classified as furry or anthro. This dressing up style however sort of makes it' seem like they are perverted as hell. Plus majority of most of these "friendly" folk, are real degenerate a - holes when you try to get in contact with them or just simply talk to them, aka, deviant art housing that style of art. Oh yea and lets not mention the so infamous, Furaffinity. If you want to ease into what anthropomorphic art is about, don't go to furaffinity first, the works there might scare the living shit out of you, however on the flash, I don't think you should have even had to do it, I gave you a 10 because you wanted the world to be mature, but I can't honestly even say that for a good amount of furries in this so called society. One of the main reasons why art in this perspective is so compelling interesting but had turned me off because of my experience with interaction with the artists. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with the art, if you don't like it, don't watch it, but listen that whole dressing up furry costume...theres a reason why we have places like disney land and great adventures. I'll probably continue drawing some other day, but it's a shame that people who find a different taste in art, have to wait for someone nice like you to classify all the gritty stuff. not to insult you, unless if you feel insulted already, but when it comes right down to it, if they like drawing porn, I'll look at it, human or anthropomorphic, but if you guys are gonna do research and don't want to be horribly scared out of you mind, don't go to furaffinity.

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Dx awww...

T^T Now I wanna be a furry too....
But Im too busy struggling to be a highschool student at the moment. =P
And with the stereotypes being tossed about as freely as they are now-a-days, Im already...lets see..emo, goth, someone called me a skater(wtf?), geek, nerd, punk...eh, you get the point! xD
Although now I feel inspired to sew fox ears onto the hoods of all of my ....hoodies...and run around calling myselve Momo the Furrie. Sounds very attractive, no? xD But what am I doing again? Oh yes, REVIEW~ of course.
ahem, it was well made, and very informative. I found it interesting to read, and the music was cool (my regards are given to the composer), and I absolutely LOVED the little thing with the ears..so cute ^^ <3
Well, peace out!
<3 Momo

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another fur

thank you, you showed me some of the upsides of being a furry and helped me seperate the lies about us from the trueth so thank you vary much

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