Tori's Guide to Furries

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The internet is full of hate and ignorance. I'm trying to change that for the good of mankind. So I might as well start on my own turf! The furry fandom!

A lot of people seem to hate furries before they even know what they are, so here's a little "information doohick" to explain the basics to ya. I urge you, please make your own decisions on those who are different. Please don't just go "THEY'RE DIFFERENT! THEY'RE WRONG!" Be remembered, but be remembered for doing a good thing, not for hatred, not for loathing.

Peace out. ~ Tori Belliachi

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Respect man.

I highly thank you for putting this, i to am a furry been one for three years now. Most don't get our way of life, its just a small hobby for me. trying to make a fursuit and stuff. I say though don't keep this up cause all you might get is just hate mail from the trolls. But i respect you for this video. and also, Marf??


Furry's are furry's I dont think there even a hot topic any more do to the fact you dont see them on the news as much..


im no furry so thats got nothin to do with my score and 2nd u missed the point of the flash he is not trying to make furries seem normal whatever your definition of "normal" is he is simply trying to respond to media misconception, lies, & HATERS ( like u ) who dont even wanna hear the otherside of the arguement u pass judgement and get stuck in your wrong assumptions like a rock im more open minded so tori if u see this keep ignoring the haters and spread the truth man world needs more ppl like u who aint afraid to respond to the bullshit

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This borders on blam-worthy.

All it is is a bunch of excuses and "facts" to try and make being a furry seem like it's normal and natural and people shouldn't be ashamed of it. Well I'm sorry, but furries are bizzare, they're far from normal, and the only reason this is rated so highly is because of Newground's furry fan base giving it fives every day, and almost every review is like "OMG I'M A FURRY TOO HERE'S A 10!". Despite my views on your fetish, I'll rate this fairly. Out of 10, -2 for lack of animation, -2 for poor art style, -2 for annoying repetitive music, -2 for the sad attempt at normalizing furries, BUT I'll leave you 2 because you did put SOME effort into it.

Furrys viva la revolution! No just kidding.

Hello there, I am a fellow fur. I hate the misconception that we type badly. What is this I am doing right now?TYPING CORRECTLY?! OH NO THE APOCALYPSE! A FURRY ACTUALLY TYPING PERFECTLY! I actually taught MYSELF how to spell correctly. Through roleplay. As a furry...doing third person roleplay by age fourteen. I've been a furry since I was...let's say nine years old. Anyways, keep up the good stuff. Keep fighting for our right to be in this world like anyone else! Oh also, I have another thing for you to add to 'The Language' section. Murrpuppy: A furry bastard.

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Jul 27, 2007
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